Delicious Dim Sum at Nice Day Restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii

Dim sum at Nice Day restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii

Dim sum at Nice Day restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii

Bangkok has just about everything I ever want to eat… except good dim sum (and if you know of good dim sum in Bangkok, please let me know).

So I normally wait until I travel to Hong Kong or Hawaii to get my fix of these porky delicious steamed tidbits.

Among the many dim sum restaurants in Honolulu, my family and I really enjoy Nice Day, partly because it’s in an easy location with good parking, and mostly because the food is always hot and tasty.

At Nice Day Restaurant in Honolulu, they even come around with the dim sum cart, an art that’s even hard to come across nowadays in Hong Kong.

Pork siu mai

Pork siu mai

Pork siu mai, is always a must, and as my Chinese grandmother always says, “boys like siu mai,” and she’s right, because I do!

The pork siu mai are little balls of minced pork mixed with bits of shrimp, wrapped up in wonton wrappers and steam in a bamboo steamer tray.

I like them with hot sauce piled on top. They are only for the pork lovers!

Taro dumpling

Taro dumpling

Another favorite is the deep fried taro dumpling.

Taro is kind of like a starchy potato, and it’s mashed, stuffed with pork and mushrooms, then deep fried until crispy and fluffy on the outside. The contrast of flavors and textures makes a taro roll similar to the Chinese version of shepherd’s pie.

Don't miss the stuffed bean curd rolls

Don’t miss the stuffed bean curd rolls

Stuffed bean curd rolls, packed with minced pork and mushrooms, and wrapped up like a egg roll with tofu skin, is another one of my go-to dim sum plates.

At Nice Day Restaurant in Honolulu, the stuffed bean curd roll is an absolutely must order. The rolls are so incredibly porky, and each bite just literally melts in your mouth in heavenly flavor.

Lo mai gai, one of my favorites

Lo mai gai, one of my favorites

No dim sum feast would be complete without another personal favorite (I know you’re thinking I have a lot of favorites.. I do).

Lo mai gai, as it’s known, is basically a ball of sticky mochi rice, filled with the glorious combo of minced pork, mushrooms, and Chinese sausage, wrapped in a lotus leaf, and steamed to perfection.

The oils from the meat and the rice, along with a slight essence from the lotus leaf makes it one my ultimate comfort foods.

Char siu bao

Char siu bao

There are also plenty of other dim sum dishes to sample at Nice Day Restaurant in Honolulu, but I’ve just mentioned a few of my favorites.

The char siu bao, are also luscious, as are the shrimp and leek dumplings, and many others.

Cake noodles at Nice Day Restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii

Cake noodles at Nice Day Restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii

Finally, in order to fill up every last bit of my stomach, we ordered a plate of Hawaiian Chinese style cake noodles.

The fried noodles are cut into squared, and covered in thick oyster sauce so they become slightly soggy from the flavors yet still retain a crunchy. The chicken and the choi sum on top made it spectacular!

For a great Chinese dim sum experience in Honolulu, Nice Day Restaurant is one place that will always satisfy!

Address: 1425 Liliha St (Liliha Square), Honolulu, HI 96817

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  1. says

    Great selection. In NYC we have a number of excellent Dim Sum places like the Golden Unicorn on East Broadway. On Sunday mornings the crowds can be intense. I like Congee with “thousand year old egg”. Sometimes it’s called “rice soup with Century eggs”.

  2. says

    Oh my it looks so delicious! but how important is Pork to dim sum? I mean for people who don’t eat pork in their diet can we still enjoy this food?

    • says

      Hey Imran, pork is pretty important to many dim sum dishes, however there are some seafood ones and also some vegetarian ones that you could definitely go for!

  3. says

    We have some over the top dim sum in NYC but these Hawaiian offerings looked splendid and delicious. Another reminder that I’d like to get back to Hawaii some day. Please remind me to never read a Migrationology article when I’m even slightly hungry. lol


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