PHOTO: 90 Year Old Smoker

90 Year Old Smoker

90 Year Old Smoker

90 Year Old Smoker

Just a short walk from the old smiling lady, was this man who could barely speak a word of either Chinese or English.

He sat quietly smiling and taking periodic inhales of his 4 foot long pipe!

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  1. says

    First, I only saw the title and living in TX as I do in the moment I had a completely different visual going of “smoker”
    So now I’ve seen the photo and this gentleman just doesn’t look Shar-Pei enough to be 90.
    Now one of the organic tobacco companies will grab this up for their next ad campaign… be sure to get your royalties. *laugh*

    • says

      Hey Charli, haha I agree, I have seen some really old healthy looking smokers… but then again guys like this stand out… there are probably many others who didn’t make it so old.

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