PHOTO: Thai Donuts

Thai Donuts

Thai Donuts

Thai Donuts

Thai donuts, which are directly brought over from China, are small pieces of deep fried dough.

They aren’t normally too sweet and are either eaten directly or dipped in sang kaya coconut jam. Thai donuts are a popular Thai breakfast choice.

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  1. says

    Hey, Mark, I just love this stuff. Here in Malaysia its called ‘yau char kuai’ and is found in almost any Chinese migrant community the world over. In Hong Kong, its usually dipped in porridge and eaten for breakfast.

  2. leona chan says

    they are very good to go with chinese dessert. you csn try together with ginger soup sesame dumplings.

  3. kitti says

    Mark, I see you ate deep-fried doughstick with Thai egg green custard. That’s great to see because most Thais eat them with just sweetened condensed milk (the white thick sweetened milk).

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