Getting a Thai Visa in Kathmandu, Nepal

Thai Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal

Thai Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal

Getting a Thai tourist visa in Kathmandu, Nepal, is a fairly easy process.

The Thai embassy is located in a quiet neighborhood, and is one of the calmest and most relaxed offices I’ve yet to visit – similar to the Thai embassy in Seoul.

I’ve read contradicting stories online about the challenges of getting a Thai visa in Kathmandu, but I personally (I carry a US passport) had no problems.

Though I only applied for a 2 month single entry Thai tourist visa, double entry is an option (unlike getting a Thai visa in Yangon where you are only allowed a single entry).

For applying for a Thai visa at the Thai embassy in Kathmandu, there are a few things that are very different from applying for a Thai visa in other locations – so please do read the following information clearly – especially the things you’ll need and the process of making the payment (#2).

Things you’ll need:

  • Passport (with at least 6 months of validity)
  • 1 Photocopy of your passport
  • 3 Passport photos – 3.5 x 4.5 cm version
  • 3 Thai visa applications – Yes, you’ll need 3 copies of this. I personally filled out 1 application and made 2 copies (you can print out the visa application here)
  • Printed plane ticket and a photo copy of it (application states that you need a roundtrip ticket, but I only printed my one-way flight into Bangkok and had no problem)
  • Printed bank statement (application states that you need 6 months evidence, but I printed just my last one month bank statement and had no problem)
  • 3,000 Nepal Rupees per entrance (plus 50 NPR for bank fee)
Manager's check for Thai visa in Kathmandu

Manager’s check for Thai visa in Kathmandu

Step 1

Before getting your Thai visa in Kathmandu, be sure to gather all your documents and have everything prepared and filled out.

Step 2

IMPORTANT: Unlike getting a Thai visa in Seoul or anywhere else, instead of paying cash directly at the embassy, you have to pay at Bank of Kathmandu. There’s a location about a 10 minute walk from the Thai embassy in Kathmandu. I walked there, paid my fee which is really 3,050 rupees as the bank takes 50, and was given a bank check.

Note: In order to make sure I didn’t pay the fee without being eligible for the visa (or something odd like that, just in case), I first went to the embassy, where the employee checked all my documents, and after getting confirmation that everything was alright, I then went to pay the fee. I guess if you’re certain you have everything in order, you could stop by Bank of Kathmandu and pay before going to the embassy, saving a few minutes.

Step 3

Go to the Thai embassy and drop off all your documents. A nice lady will ensure you have everything in order and then you’ll be handed a receipt and told when to come back to pick up your Thai visa and passport.

Official opening for visa applications is at 9:30 am, and because the embassy is quite small and relaxed, I showed up at around 10 am and waited for just 1 other person in line before me – nice and hassle free.

Step 4

Come back to the Thai embassy, hand in your receipt, and pick up your passport. Confirm the visa is alright.

Your Thai visa will take 2 working days. Meaning if you apply on Monday, you’ll pick up on Wednesday.

Visa drop off time: 9:30 am – 12 pm
Visa pick up time: 2 pm – 4 pm

Also, remember to check the holiday calendar as the Thai embassy is closed on both Thai and Nepalese holidays.

How to Get to the Thai Embassy in Kathmandu

The Thai embassy in Kathmandu is located on a quiet neighborhood street in northern Kathmandu, just north of Ring Road. The easiest way to get there is by taxi, and I paid 250 NPR from the Thamel area. It’s just a short distance from the Australian embassy.

Address: Royal Thai Embassy, Kathmandu, 167/4 Ward No. 3, Maharajgunj-Bansbari Road, P.O. Box. 3333, Kathmandu, Nepal

View Thai Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal in a larger map

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  1. says

    It’s amazing all the red tape involved in migration everywhere. Perhaps you’ve heard of those Thai language student visas. Could that be a viable option for someone who wants to stay in Thailand for a while?

    • says

      Hey Mike, yah that could be an option, haven’t looked at it too much. The thing is you’d need to be enrolled in a Thai language course…. which could be a good idea. Might have to do more research on this in the future!

  2. Malone says

    Why? Many nationalities do not need a visa for Thailand, and most of those who do can easily get one on arrival at a Thai airport

  3. says

    Everything as you described.

    They only issue double entries, if you can show an outbound ticket.
    For single entry any flight confirmation like BKK-KTM was enough. (although it makes no sense to show an inbound ticket)
    Same with the financial proof – just showed a copy of my credit card bill.

  4. says

    I just picked up my single entry Thai visa today (November 14, 2013) here in Kathmandu and everything was still just as you described. For the ticket, I printed off the Travelocity ticket confirmation information (and it was a one-way flight, not round trip), and for the bank statement, I printed out my most recent digital bank statement. No problems.

    Also, just so people are aware, there’s a sign in the embassy that says that you need to apply for your visa at least five days before your travel date (to Thailand). Not sure if this is enforced, but it’s good to keep in mind.

    Thanks for the info!

  5. DNH says

    Thanks for the great information Mark.

    Question for anyone: Where besides the Kathmandu airport can I get passport photos? I know, I know…I should carry them. Unfortunately I used them all in India.

    Where can I get photos? Any help appreciated!

  6. Rob says

    Hi, Thanks for the instructions they were really helpful. Unfortunately, it seems as though there has been a change of process. I had everything in order but when I arrived the Embassy staff said that unless I had a previous stamp from Thai immigration in my passport I would not be able to get the 2 month visa. I’m a UK citizen.

    I was told to get a visa on arrival but I understood from the website information that this is not the preferred way to go about it. The staff were incredibly helpful and as I talked with them and explained that I was going to Thailand for a sports training camp they said I could apply for a 90 day visa…I’ve just got confirmation from the training camp that I’m going so I can now get that visa. It’s more expensive, I think 6,000 Nepalese Rupee but it gives me 90 days.

    Hope this helps people out. Might be worth putting a warning in case others face the same issues?


    • says

      Hey Rob, thank you so much for sharing! Will this be your first time to Thailand? Hmmmm, that seems a little strange to me (not what you said, but what they said), that one has to have a previous Thai stamp in their passport to get a new Thai visa… thanks for sharing. I’m going to look into this further!

      • Rob says

        Hi. Yes, first time. I thought exactly the same. It is weird. She told me that some embassys will do it but jut not the one in Kathmandu. I don’t know what to believe but I do know they wouldn’t give me the 2 month visa. I got the 90 day one because I could prove I was going to a sports training camp.

      • Josep Sayol says

        I can confirm what Rob said, I just came from the embassy this morning and I had the same problem. They told me that for those who are not residents in Nepal we need to provide proof in our passports that we have been allowed into Thailand before.

        I explained that I had been to Thailand 3 years ago but that I had renewed my passport since then (which is true), and i assumed that they could just confirm this with the immigration department. Sadly, they told me that the only way is to show a previous stamp on my passport, otherwise they won’t give a visa.

        In my case, as with Rob, they were also quite helpful. When I said I needed a 60-day tourist visa, the lady I talked to said I could just get a 30-day visa at the airport and then extend it for another 30 days at immigration once in Thailand, so I guess that’s what I’ll do.

        I hope this is helpful to others. And Mark, it might be a good idea to update the information on the post to reflect this :)

        • says

          @Josep, just remember that when you are here you will need to cross a border in order to get an extension. It’s a huge business here. There are trips everyday to the border from where I am staying in Phuket at the moment. Some people have issues when they arrive at the Burmese or Malaysian border because the country they are from does not issue on arrival visas so they can’t get across to come back again…

          It’s usually a day trip, around 15 hours from here, and you pay around 1700 bhat and no visa fee renewal. You go to the Burmese border and get a 30 day extension. I think the Malaysian crossing only gives you 15 days but I can’t be sure on that.

          A lot of people I know just use the opportunity to fly to Hong Kong, KL or somewhere else for a few days and then come back again and get a new 30 day visa.

          It seems as though it’s a massive money making exercise because people have to travel and spend a lot of money on doing it. Great for the economy and small businesses, annoying for tourists.

  7. Val says

    Unfortunatly the embassy doesn’t provide double entry visa anymore. You won’t find this information on their website, but I went to the embassy just yesterday. Also, the fee is now 3500 rupies for a single entry.

  8. Tanzil says


    I have an urgent question.

    I am in Nepal now for the last two months.
    I shall be apply for a Thai visa within next few days.

    My bank will not mail me my bank statement outside my country.
    But I have access to my online bank account.
    Did you submit your bank statement by taking a printout from online account?
    I mean – do they accept online printout of bank statement?

    Or is a bank statement printed by the bank itself with a bank seal on the statement is mandatory?

    Please let me know. It is urgent.

    Thanks in advance.

      • Tanzil says

        UPDATE: This morning I went to the embassy with all the papers. I was anxious if they will accept my digital version of bank statement. But the nice lady at the counter did not even go up to that page. When she saw that I was a tourist and did not go to Thailand before, the lady at the counter said that I should go back to my country and try from there.

        REASON: They allow visa only to Nepali citizens and foreigners working here. (Oh No! I was upset but had nothing to do.)

        So, I went to the Thai Airways office at Durbar Marg and cancelled my ticket.

        Just imagine… she did not even check / open all the pages in the application but refused. :-)

        • Lra says

          Thanks for the info Tanzil, you saved me a lot of hassle, I was about to buy tickets to start the visa process and read your update, such a shame we can not get first time visa in Nepal..

  9. guest says

    Thank you for sharing. It’s really helpful.There is a hurry question. is it necessary cash should be checked when my nepal friend arrival in Thailand. my friend is nepal person. he got the visa of Thailand already. but his friend told him he need to exchange on thousand dollar ,if he don’t have that ,Thailand can send he back to nepal. Is it real? Is that right?

  10. Niranjan says


    I am planning to visit Thailand for 4 days starting from 10th of June 2015 from Malaysia. I have airline ticket confirmed for both the ways already however I couldn’t apply Thai Visa as the Thai Embassy was closed on 29th of May 2015 due to Democracy Day in Nepal and today, 1st of June 2015 due to Thai Holiday.

    I will be flying to KL on 3rd of June at night and I have only one working day. Can I obtain Thai Visa on urgent basis?

    Valuable suggestions are highly appreciated.


  11. Rebati raj khadka says

    how much money should I have in my account to be eligible for get visa …….? is there any minimum amount line ?

  12. suraj subba says

    Hello mark.How about nepalese citizen with less than 6 months bank statement(maybe 4-5 months) apply for thai visa?

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