VIDEO: Salak – Snake Fruit!

(if you can’t see the video, watch Salak fruit video here)

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In English it’s called snake fruit, but in Malaysia it’s known more commonly as salak. One of my favorite things to do in Kuala Lumpur is go to Chow Kit Market, and that’s exactly where I picked up this bag of salak.

Snake fruit, as you may recall from my previous article, has potential to stop one up. So just make sure you leave that little white film on the flesh of the fruit when you eat it.

It almost tastes like an overripe, beginning to ferment apple, and that’s a great thing!

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    Defiantly on my list of fruit to try on my upcoming visit to Southeast Asa. Can you describe the flavor? Is it similar to anything in the US or completely different? I’m exited for all the new things to eat.

    • says

      Hey Wil, it’s hard to describe, but a really ripe snake fruit would sort of be like a 1/2 fermented apple that’s really juicy. That’s about the best comparison I can think of. It’s acidic, and I really love it!

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    Interesting fruit. It does live up to its name snake fruit. To be be honest, I have not heard this fruit. Also, not removing the film seems a little dangerous to me. But would like to try it. Did you say it was a little sour?

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    hi mark,
    yes, it called salak in Malay.
    do you know that we eat pickled snake fruit too..if you go to Penang (malaysia), you can found plenty on it in Chowrasta market (and lots of other pickled fruits).

    • says

      Hey Karima, thanks a lot for the comment. I’ve never had the Malaysian version, but I’ve had a Thai snake fruit pickle, which was excellent. I would love to try the Malaysian version, thank you for sharing!

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