VIDEO: Durian Coffee – The Test

(if you can’t see the video, watch durian coffee here)

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Durian coffee.

How could someone not be curious to try the combination of a great beverage crossed with the world’s best fruit?

The instant pack of coffee did smell and taste of durian, but the only problem was that it was too sweet and creamy for my taste.

Still, it was well worth it!

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  1. says

    And here I was expecting you to spit out the first sip. Or at least after the first durian burp. I still have flashbacks to some of my durian encounters from the past. Though I wish the durian candies we tried from Bangkok had any decent durian flavor…

  2. Wolf Mitzner says

    I can see from your videos you really do love the durian in every way, shape and form, somebody told me in Thailand that it can be dangerous to eat too much durian, Mark, have you ever heard this? and what’s the largest amount of durian you have ever eaten in one go? I find it delicious, maybe not at 7am though ha ha ha ha

    • says

      Hey Wolf, yes durian can raise your blood pressure, so depending on your conditions, you shouldn’t over eat. I’ve eaten about 2 whole fruits in one sitting, but I think that was way more than I’ll ever eat again in a single setting. I like 2 – 4 good pieces per time – so 1/2 to 1 fruit.

  3. aaz says

    have you tried durian crepe? It’s getting popular in Malaysia…if you are in Malaysia..try to hunt for one!

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