PHOTO: Colorful Traffic Jam in Bangkok

Bangkok Traffic Jam

Bangkok Traffic Jam

Bangkok, Thailand

I often forget how colorful and bright the vehicles in Bangkok are, until leaving for some time and returning.

Pink, green, yellow, red, and orange are all popular colors in a traffic jam in Bangkok!

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    I think it’s because we live in a (albeit growing very fast) town with relatively little traffic that I love traffic jams. They’ve taken on novelty value and we love arriving in Istanbul on the overnight intercity bus from Fethiye, right in the midst of rush hour. Looks great and you feel like you’ve hit life. :)

  2. says

    It is seven lanes towards Pratunam and one lane away from Pratunam. Look at the bus top right under the bridge.

    Totally agree that it is best to walk here, unless you are coming out of Big C in the one lane coming this way. The Pratunam is a great district to stay but the traffic is pretty bad around there.

  3. says

    Clear day. No smog seen..

    Pictures like this remind me why I wouldn’t want to have a job and commute in a large city like Bangkok. Nuts!

    If one is only retired and only has to get out once in a while, fine, but to need to commute most days in a city like this would drive me cuckoo..

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