Where to stay in Bangkok: 8 Great Choices

Where to stay in Bangkok - Here are 6 of my choices

Where to stay in Bangkok – Here are 6 of my choices

Bangkok has over 1,400 registered hotels and guest houses.

Now this may sound like a blessing, but in reality it’s such a huge quantity that it can just be a pain to figure out which Bangkok hotel, guest house, or hostel is the right one.

Have you ever tried weeding through over 1,000 choices? It’s tough.

One of the top questions I get asked frequently is where to stay in Bangkok? So I thought I’d go ahead and publish my top recommendations for accommodation when you’re in Bangkok.

Where to Stay in Bangkok:

1. New Road Guest House (Budget)

New Road Guest House is a budget accommodation option, located in the Bangrak area of town, and surrounded by plenty of shopping and food choices. The guest house is near Saphan Taksin BTS station, not far from the river, and a short walk from Silom. Rooms are basic but clean and homey.

For Who: Budget accommodation – great for families, backpackers, flashpackers
Prices: Dorm – 200 – 300 THB, Private – 800 – 1,200 THB

2. Lub d Siam Square (Mid)

Modern, trendy, clean, and with one of the best showers I’ve ever experienced, Lub d Siam Square is a refreshing hostel (but really more like a chic hotel). Primely located across the street from MBK shopping center in the lively Siam district, you won’t have any trouble getting around town, being entertained, or finding restaurants.

There’s also a Lub d Silom, located in the Silom district if you are interested, but I prefer their Siam branch.

For Who: Medium priced hostel – great for flashpackers, backpackers, and couples
Prices: Dorm – 500 THB, Private – 1,400 – 2,000 THB

3. Saphai Pae (Mid)

Catering to both backpackers and families, Saphai Pae Hostel is a stylish hostel with lots of comfortable amenities. Rooms are super clean, beds are thick and comfortable, and the downstairs communal area is a great place to hang out, mingle and watch tv. Located in the Bangrak area, Saphai Pae has easy access to the Chao Phraya River and downtown Silom.

For Who: Medium priced hostel – great for flashpackers, backpackers, and couples
Prices: Dorm – 280 THB, Private – 1,200 – 1,500 THB

4. The Warehouse (Mid)

Brand new and spic-and-spic, The Warehouse is a fresh addition to the Bangkok accommodation scene. It’s only a five minute walk from Khao San Road, Bangkok’s notoriously rowdy backpacker street, yet it’s a world of difference in local atmosphere. Surrounding the hostel are some of Bangkok’s most renowned sites like The Grand Palace, Wat Pho and the National Museum.

For Who: Medium priced hostel – great for flashpackers, backpackers, and couples
Prices: Privates from 1,300 – 2,400 THB

5. Bangkok Loft Inn (Mid)

Of all the options for where to stay in Bangkok, Bangkok Loft Inn presents one of the best overall values for your money. It’s a discount boutique hotel that has wonderful accommodation and is just an overall nice facility. Their contemporary designed rooms are fully furnished, self contained, and spacious. Located in Thonburi, which is across the Chao Phraya River from the main business district (Silom), there’s quick access by BTS Skytrain and river boat to areas of interest around the city.

For Who: Medium priced hotel – great for families, couples
Prices: Private – 1,300 THB

6. Bangkok Tree House (Luxury)

Accessible only by foot, boat, or bike, Bangkok Tree House is an eco-friendly oasis in Southern Bangkok along the river. Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, the hotel’s aim is to blend into nature while providing an extremely high level of service and relaxation, all just moments from Bangkok’s hustle and bustle.

For Who: Top priced eco hotel – great for couples, families
Prices: Privates from 4,000 THB – 8,000 THB

Here are 6 of my personal suggestions for where to stay in Bangkok. Hope this helps your search for the right place that suits your interests.

7. Hansar Bangkok (Luxury)

If you’re looking for luxury at its finest, Hansar Bangkok is where to stay in Bangkok. This prestigious hotel is located in the lush Ratchadamri district of town, just a minute from the BTS Skytrain. Comfort and satisfaction is taken to the next level in this 5-star gem of accommodation in Bangkok.

For Who: Families, couples, honeymooners
Prices: Studios and suites range from $150 – $400 per night.

8. Amari Watergate (Luxury)

Are you coming for the shopping markets in Bangkok and want to stay somewhere nice and extremely convenient? Amari Watergate Hotel is literally located above the bustling Pratunam Market and directly across the street from the mega Platinum fashion center.

Shop till you drop and then come back to Amari Watergate for luxurious 5-star accommodation and amazing service! The location could not be better.

For Who: Families, couples, businessmen
Prices: Deluxe to Grand Deluxe rooms range from $100 – $200

Also, if you are coming to Bangkok be sure to check out these safety tips, and also discover the amazing attractions Bangkok has to offer in my 101 thing to do in Bangkok guide.

Have a great trip to Bangkok!

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  1. Paul says

    Nice post. Always good to get honest information from a trusted source.

    btw have you read Thoreau’s Walden? He’s one of my favorite writers and philosophers.

  2. says

    10 options is already a headache to me, how did you manage a thousand? But yes I agree, Lub d Siam Sq really is clean and the staff are quite helpful. No doubt I’ll choose that hostel again if I return to Bangkok.

    • says

      Hey Suzzane, thanks for the comment. As for hotel details, I normally just check them out on both Agoda and Tripadvisor, or else just search them on google for reviews. Do you travel to Bangkok often?

  3. says

    Not a bad selection of places.The Warehouse looks interesting.

    I recommend a place near On Nut to most of my friends when they visit called Imm Fusion. You can get rooms there around the 700-900 range. They have a really nice pool and you are only a short walk from the BTS.

    A lot of Thais come to this hotel to shoot wedding photos, if that gives you an idea of the quality of the place for the budget price.

  4. says

    Ah why didn’t you publish this a couple of months ago when I was going thru Bkk? I still like Khao San area – although I’m not young anymore – maybe it’s the memories, but its also so darn convenient. We stayed there after 28 days in Burma and within 2 meters of the hotel there was food/laundry/currency exchange/foot spa – it just makes travel sooooo easy!

    • says

      Hey Lissie, yes you’re right it can be convenient to stay on Khao San as there are so many services available, but I’m not a huge fan of the overall ambiance of the area. For a few days, it’s alright though.

  5. Laura says

    Those are great suggestions! Hopefully I’ll be able to check them out sometime in the future. :) The treehouse one looks awesome!

  6. says

    I have heard good things about some of those places you mentioned Mark. ….Now for something different (away from the tourist area), let me recommend:

    Salon Home (Bang Kapi) …. 500-550B a night, a very clean private room, with AC, en suite, TV, Wi-fi in room and just opened in 2012. Just a 60-70B taxi ride to/from the airport rail link makes it nice for a night nearer the airport than Khao San Rd (and cheaper + nicer digs). On the narrow Soi are: about 30 food places/stalls, a Tesco Express, 2 – 7/11′s, and walking distance (1.2km) to big, local ‘consumer-city place’ called “The Mall”. Around the corner i also found a little joint serving fried rice with real crab for 35B (http://www.flickr.com/photos/64924410@N05/8341671715/in/photostream)

    Be Well

  7. joyce says

    Hi Mark,

    I’m so glad I found your site with the recommendations. I’ve never been to Thailand, I am arriving late about 11PM at the bkk airport, do you have suggestions on a safe inexpensive way to get to the hostel Lub d Siam Square? Thank you so much!!

    • says

      Hi Joyce, if you’re able to catch the airport link skytrain before 12 midnight, that’s the best. If not, you can get a private taxi from the official stand right outside the doors of the airport. Just tell them where you need to go (maybe print out the address from Lub d in Thai so it’s clear) and you should be fine. Have a great trip!

  8. says


  9. says

    It seems like your the same guy in Youtube? hehe

    It has been more than 2 mos already since I started planning my first time trip to Thailand, I will be in BKK for 3 nights next month, and till now… I’m still confused in which area should I stay. Some would say Khao San then Silom and Sukhumvit.

    The hotels that you have recommended are all good. I hope you can help me decide.I would say that my budget wont be that much for a hotel, budget would range from 600 to 1100 THB. Im travelling alone and would basically just want a secured and decent hotel. Would love to be close to everything, However I would still like to have my own private room.

    Im 23 and a He.


    • says

      Hey Cabz, hope I’m not too late replying. Khao San is the backpacker area, not my favorite, Silom and Sukhumvit are both business areas of Bangkok. I would really recommend Lub d Siam Square on this list, but it might be a little more than 1100 for a private, but check. Also check out New Road GH. Hope you have an awesome stay!

  10. Andy Cox says

    Thanks for the information. Very useful indeed. I had the chance to visit Bangkok on a business trip last monthand I remember that we stayed at a place called Smart Suites. It was a mid range place that was quite comfortable with good amenities. I liked the place for its location and cleanliness. They also had good wifi connectivity which helped me a lot. It is a place worth checking out if you are looking for good accommodation.

  11. Tim says

    Hi, Great blog!

    Just heading over to Bangkok for a few months, next week. Any suggestions? Need something with a kitchen, under 10,000 baht/month preferred.


  12. Hardy says

    Hi Mark,

    I need your help here, do you have any suggestion for an area/apartment to stay near this address: 4, 4/5 Rajadamri Road
    ZEN World, Level 12M
    (CentralWorld Plaza)
    Pathumwan Bangkok 10330.
    I’ll be studying in SAE Institute Bangkok and I have no Idea to find a place nearby.
    My budgets are 3000 THB – 4000 THB. rent per month.

    Have a nice day !

    Thanking you !

  13. Asad Sharazi says

    Hi Mark Wiens,

    I am planning my next holidays at Bangkok. Your videos at Youtube are the best one can find about Bangkok.

    I want to stay at some lively area of Bangkok where Muslim Food is easily available. What place do you recommend me to stay? Lucky i found this page today :)

    / Asad

    • says

      Hey Asad, good to hear you’re planning to come to Bangkok, and thank you for watching my videos! Hmm, you might want to stay somewhere central like Siam or Pratunam, and there are a couple of Halal restaurants and street food restaurants in the area. Glad you’ll be coming to Bangkok!

      • Asad says

        Hi Mark, Thanks for recommending the areas.

        Do we have any Halal restaurants near Lub d Siam Square (Mid)?
        And is this hotel near to the BTS/Train station? Walking distance?

        Few other questions?
        1. Whats the difference between BTS and Underground trains? Do we need to buy separate tickets for each of them?

        2. How much a Daily BTS pass cost?

    • says

      Hello Rabi, yes that’s correct, there’s not lift, so if you are traveling with all of your family, it might not be the best option. Hope you have a great visit.

      • Rabi says

        Can you recommend me of some good hotel in the same area? Siam or Silom? and in your opinion which one is better area? Siam or Silom?

  14. bill adams says

    Great article, as are all yours (i especially love the food blogs). This is ok for hotels, but what about how to find good priced apartments? I want to move to bangkok for the 6 months – 1 year and want somewhere more affordable longer term, is there a specific place (web site) or agency to look at?

  15. Moe says

    Hi, Mark
    Great information on your site.
    Those cheap hotel, hostel you recommended are available at any time if going in person to location or travelers should book via website.? If web site booking, than which one you recommend and how the process is done to make sure room reservation?


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