VIDEO: 11 Amazing Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur

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With a great international mixture of cultures, historical buildings and mind blowing skyscrapers, and a mouthwatering selection of Malaysian food, Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic southeast Asian city to explore.

On my most recent visit to Kuala Lumpur, along with getting a Thai visa, I spent the majority of my time eating and filming.

Here’s a video of 11 of my personal recommendations for things to do in Kuala Lumpur (link to video).

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  1. says

    Excellent video, Mark! This has really gotten me excited for Malaysia and given me some ideas of what to do in KL, which is on the horizon. We jet off to Singapore tomorrow, and think we’ll head north to KL from there. This has saved me a few hours with a guidebook, and was certainly more fun! 😉

  2. says

    Mark the intro is great – the scene with your pal leaning in to thumbs up w/you is hysterical.
    Oh yeah, the tips are great too – something for everyone, but I don’t think I’d have gotten out of Little India – I’d be parked at a restaurant eating and watching and eating . *grin*

    • says

      Thanks a lot Maria! If you do go to Kuala Lumpur, you have to visit Vishalatchi Food and Catering – some of the best south Indian food I’ve ever had in my life. I know you’d love it!

  3. says

    Hey mark its joe again great vid in kl Great camera too makes me feel like I’m actually back home but make sure you keep the malaysian vids up you should make more malaysian vids yeah (:

  4. says

    Also if Thailand deserves 25 things to do in malaysia then so does kl Lool such as genting highlands where there is restaraunts , casinos and theme parks high above and in your Bangkok vid you were drinking teh rarely lol

    • says

      Haha, yes, there are also many thing to do in KL – the only reason is, I’ve spent 2 months in KL, and 3.5 years in Bangkok! When I return to Malaysia next time will make more and more videos. Thanks again for watching!

  5. says

    Oh you must be able to speak some fluent Thai and btw I was meant to say you was drinking teh tarek (hate auto correct ) was it similar ? Also what country you in at the moment?

    • says

      Hey Joe, I can speak mostly food Thai, but I can get by, still don’t speak too well. Oh, yes, very similar to Teh Tarik. I’m in Thailand now, heading for India tomorrow! How about you?

  6. Nana says

    Hey mark, you make me missing KL so much..been in OZ for six years and not even onece that dont miss KL..especially the food….i wonder how can you eat so much without putting on even a pound! haha..

    keep on posting your droolong videos!


    • says

      Hey Nana, have you ever been back for a visit in the last 6 years?

      Haha, the food is all fresh, and that’s the trick! I don’t eat anything processed or food from package, only fresh cooked food. I also do a lot of walking to go with it.

      Hope you’re doing well and hope you can go back to visit and eat!

      • Nana says

        Hey MArk…thanks for the reply!

        the last time I went back was 3 years ago…but I’ll be back for good soon :)..

        OK, no processed food..I’ll try to stick to that advice but it’s hard to say NO to hot chips!! that’s my biggest weakness!!!!

        hope you are doing well too, take care!

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