PHOTO: Juicy Roasted Chicken on the Spit!

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Chicken slow roasting, while dripping luscious juices that sizzle on the hot bed of charcoal below, is an attractive thing to see. From Egyptian street food to Kenyan food to Thai food, everyone does roasted chicken in some form.

At a small Thai restaurant in northern Thailand, the spit was more of entire pipe that was lined with glorious chicken waiting to be served.

When we ordered a bird, he just chopped it right off the bar. Beautiful!

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  1. says

    your posts are truly delicious at times and an inspiration for the fellow travelers…… Thailand is a delight for sea food lovers… will keep following your posts… keep it up…

    • says

      Hey Tom, I’m not sure exactly the name of the restaurants, but it’s located right around the lake and you’ll see the chicken and fish grilling from the outside. Hope you can find it!

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