How to Get an Indian Visa in Bangkok

How to Get an Indian Tourist Visa in Bangkok

How to Get an Indian Tourist Visa in Bangkok

I recently got my Indian visa in Bangkok, and though at first I though it may be a nightmare like getting a China visa in Bangkok, it was actually quite a smooth and simple process. That is, if you precisely follow a few essential steps, which are listed below.

Overall, I probably spent less than 2 hours (plus 8 days of leaving my passport at VFS) for getting the visa.

It was quite a smooth and hassle free process.

Let me clear up a few things first:

  • For getting an Indian visa in Bangkok, you don’t need to go through an agent or tour guide, but you can do it all yourself easily.
  • VFS (Thailand), is the official company that handles all India visa applications in Bangkok.
  • Here is their official website:

As long as you follow these directions, you should have a pretty effortless time getting a tourist visa for India while in Bangkok.

What you will need:

  • Passport
  • 2 photocopies of main passport page
  • 2 photocopies of Thai visa in passport (that is if you’re a foreigner in Thailand)
  • 2 passport photos (must be 2 inches by 2 inches square – rectangle photos will be rejected). If you do show up with wrong photos or need new photos, there is a booth within the visa office that takes photos for I think around 200 THB (also, they actually only took 1 photo from me for the visa, but it’s safer to have 2 photos with you)
  • Important: You must fill out the online Indian visa application (takes about 20 minutes), print it off, and bring it with you.
  • Also, if you are non-Thai, you must also print off the extra Reference form, fill it out, and bring it.
  • Money – 3,230 THB (may vary by nationality, but this was exactly how much I was charged with an American passport). Make sure you have exact money in Thai Baht (they won’t give change).
Note: I did not need to provide any proof of entrance (plane tickets) to get the visa. However, on the online application, you are required to add a few travel plans and a name of a hotel you’ll be staying at.


1. Go to VFS (company that handles Indian Visa & Passport Services)

2. Wait in line in the hallway until you talk to the receptionist who will look through all your documents, confirm you have them all and have them filled out correctly. You will be given a number and then granted permission to proceed into the real waiting room (it’s not a bad waiting room either).

3. Once your number is called, just go to the counter and give them all your documents. The employee will browse through them once more, look through your passport, and then tell you to take a seat for a few minutes (about 15 minutes in my case). He’ll call you back up and give you a copy of your passport stapled to a receipt containing all sorts of important information like your reference number.

You’re then done for the day and must return to pick up your visa 7 – 8 working days later (depending on where you’re from is how long it will take).

If you need some lunch, head over to the Terminal 21 food court.

Hours: Drop off time is in the morning from 8:30 am – 2 pm. I went at about 10 am on a Monday and there were just 10 or so people ahead of me in line for a tourist visa. I was out of there in about 30 minutes!

Check your visa status online

Check your Indian visa status online


You can check the status of your Indian visa application online following this link.

Once you get the approval and your visa is ready for pickup, head back to the same location from 2 – 5 pm, along with your reference number receipt.

I went at about 3 pm and had to wait for around 30 minutes until my number was called for me to collect my visa. After my number was called I went up to the counter and they presented me with my passport in an envelope.

Make sure you look at your visa to confirm everything is correct.

I was given a 6 month double entry visa, valid starting the exact day my visa was approved. The double entry is not too useful as one must leave the country for at least 2 months before being permitted to enter a 2nd time.

How to Get to the Indian Embassy (VFS) in Bangkok:

It’s located on the 15th floor of the Glas Haus Building, at the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 25. Take either the BTS Skytrain to Asoke Station or the MRT Metro to Sukhumvit Station. Walk across giant Asoke intersection (use the skywalk), and Soi 25 will be on your left hand side (north side of the road).

View Migrationology World Map in a larger map

Address: 1 Glas Haus Building, 15th Floor, Room no. 1503, No. 1 Soi Sukhumvit 25, Sukhumvit Road, Klong Toey Neua, Wattanan District, Bangkok 10110
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +66 (0) 2665 2968

Last Information:

Here are the fees (as written on my receipt):
Visa Fees: 1,700 THB
Additional consular fees: 70 THB
Additional fee: 1,000 THB
VFS Service Charge: 60 THB (including 7% VAT)
Referral Fee: 400 THB
Total VAT: 4.20 THB
Total Payment: 3,230 THB

Best of luck for getting an Indian visa in Bangkok. If you have any updates, please leave a comment!

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  1. Kaboom says

    hey mark if i am not mistaken u need a white color background picture, instead of the blue color background.

    my picture was rejected for because of the wrong background color.

  2. says

    I had a six-month multiple entry for India last year and left for two months and went back. You never know, you may find that useful as flights can be real cheap from Thailand: As I found India to be vast, fascinating and affordable, I know that I want to go back, in retrospect, I wish I’d gotten the five or ten year visa that US citizens are eligible for. Perhaps that’s what I’ll do next time. Not sure if you’ve been to India yet, if not, I’m sure that you’re gonna love it. Can’t wait to read your food posts and see your videos from there.

    • Nate says

      From the VFS Bangkok news page; “04 December 2012: Govt. of India has decided to lift the restriction of two month gap on reentry of foreign nationals coming to India, except in case of nationals of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, foreigners of Bangladesh and Pakistan origins. Embassy of India will issue rentry only for the nationals mentioned above.”

  3. says

    I know I have said as much before, but these visa posts you write are really invaluable. Tony was able to get a 10-year India visa before we left the States, but as a Canadian, that wasn’t an option for me. I was planning to try my luck in Bagkok, and now I know exactly how to do so, thanks to you!

  4. Kiwi Phil says

    Nice one Mark, this was a God send for me and my girlfriend. Great in depth info.

    Was still a slightly painful process. Calling the office is a wast of time. They’re either too lazy or just dont want to answer your questions by telling you to call back or giving you another number to call that doenst work, or just hang up on you.

    Below is a vital update that we just found out when we got to the office.

    24 January 2013: W.E.F 22 January 2013, Embassy of India in Bangkok has requested all applicants to submit a copy of their travel tickets to India and onward journey. Also applicants will need to provide document evidence of their stay in India (Hotel Booking or Invite letter if staying with friend/family). News link –

    Luckily there is another little office next door they let you use were you can borrow their computer to book flights, accommodation and print documents. We weren’t sure how long we were staying in India so we didnt book onward tickets. We just had to explain that in our application. And dont use blue pen on any of the documents that you fill out as you’ll have to fill them out again in black pen.

    My New Zealand passport application cost THB 2,290 and my girlfriends UK passport application cost a shocking THB 4,590.

    Im sure you will agree that to apply for a simple Indian tourist Visa now is some what time consuming with piles of old fashion paper work and bureaucracy . So make sure you have all your paper work in order before you get down there!

    Waiting on Visa’s now… India or bust, here we come! (hopefully : ) )

    Take care,

    • says

      Hey Phil, thanks a lot for sharing the update, that does make it a little more of a hassle, but good to know. All the best for the visa and have a great trip to India!

  5. John messenbird says

    I am british, does anyone know if I can get a 5 year multiple entry tourist visa from Bangkok?
    And of so how much does it cost?

  6. Nate says

    Looking ahead, getting an Indian visa in Thailand (and everywhere else, eventually) is about to change in a big way. In short, Indian companies are replacing foreign companies like VFS for visa processing. That transition will be rough. Glad we’re getting ours now!

    From the VFS Thailand homepage, “From 7 July 2013, VFS India Passport & Visa Application Centre will not be operational. The above arrangement is in order to provide effective delivery service until our last day of operations which is 6 July 2013.”

    For commentary, check out:

  7. says

    My only issue will be getting the Thai visa. The ultimate destination is India but I am planning to get my Indian visa in Bangkok. I don’t have a Thai visa because it isn’t required for my short stay…I’m flying to BKK from US, spending 8 days there to get the India visa, traveling in India for a month and coming back through BKK for a few days on my way back to the states. Is the stamp in my passport enough to get an India visa? …or do I need to apply for a Thai visa now too? I have less than a week until departure and am running around like crazy but can’t get these visas before I leave because of geographic constraints. Please someone advise! Thanks!!

    • spencer says

      Yes, the stamp will be enough. I don’t know if this was mentioned previously on this thread, but you will have to have copies of your entrance and exit flights and proof of a place to stay. I just booked a cheap room online and then cancelled it after.

  8. chen mosko says

    So no flight tickets and stuff.. ? Btw, can I show them just the outbound from India ticket?

    • says

      Hi Chen, I had no ticket, but I’m not sure if things have changed – Spencer mentions above that he needed a copy of entrance and exit… so it all depends. If you plan to go overland you may want to prove that somehow, or just mention that on your application.

  9. says

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the great post. I’d like to travel a bit in Thailand while my visa is being processed. Do you see any issues with this? Looking to go down to Ko Samui and Ko Phangon while the visa is processed.


    Steven (USA)

  10. weber andy says

    we are a swiss family and planning to go bangkok to get a 6 month visa in bangkok because in switzerland they give a six month visa but you have to travel out of india after ninty days.

    did anybody knows whether it is easy to get indian visa in bangkok for swiss people? or does andybody has some advises for us.?

    thanks a lot

  11. David says


    As of July ’13, handling of the India visa process in Bangkok has changed to a different office/company. It’s now handled by IVS Global instead of VFS Global. The visa services centre is now found on the 22nd floor of 253 Asoke Montri Rd, 1.2 km from Asok BTS or 500 metres from Phetchaburi MRT. Process is the same but the website linked to here is now obsolete. This is the page you now need to go through:

    Enjoy India.

    • Robin says

      I am girlfriend is from uzbekistan.i invited her and sent all my documents like bank statements residence certificate and my passport copies with Uzbek visa s on it…still they did not give her visa and didn’t gave reason for it..
      Now we r planning to come Thai and get visa from there..will it be helpful? 23 aug was our first anniversary bt we couldn’t family wanted to meet her…plz help someone..
      I ll wait for ur replies..

  12. kenneth says

    Hi, I am a american citizen currently on a 10 year tourist visa in India, which expires in August, can I come to bangkok and get another 10 year visa from there or should i get go back to my home country.

    Please suggest.

  13. Joseph says

    Needs an update! Some links have changed and so has the building. Check out the travel fish article and they have all the up to date information. In addition to that you must only have 1 passport sizes photos are actually 2×2 Indian specific size, around the corner from where the visa building is at they have another office which can provide the photos around 5 for 250 baht. You must have your hotel and flightless to and from booked and printed, however at the photo place you might have to get pushy but you can get them to print a reservation for flights and hotels that pass for getting the visa. It’s 200 baht for hotels and 200 baht for flights and you’re not actually booking them. It’s essentially a scam because who books a hotel and flight before they get a visa? Nobody.

    Source: one frustrating afternoon

  14. Jason says

    Is it possible to get an Indian Visa in Bangkok, without having them hold on to your passport? I am uncomfortable traveling in a foreign country without having my passport on my physically. In addition, I will need my passport to check in to hotels, fly, etc.

  15. Caspar says

    Hi there, Thanks for this good information…

    What about getting an Indian Business visa from Thailand as a UK national, my business visa has expired but could do with getting a new one in Thailand or Malaysia without having to fly back to UK…?

    What do you think is the best option?


  16. ANA BAQUERO says

    Hello, thanks for all the info,

    I was wondering. I was in India and now I am in Thailand. I extended my stay and going back to my home country on december. The things is that my Indian visa expires and a good place to issue it is Thailand cause after Ill ve gone to Taiwan. The question is.. dou you think i can get a new Indian visa before the other one expires.. thanks for the info

    • says

      Hi Ana, great to hear from you. Hmmm, that’s a good question, but I’m not sure of the answer. I think you might need to give them a call. Sorry I don’t know. With you all the best.

  17. Amy says

    Hey there! Thank you for sharing, all.

    I might have missed the answer to this question in the comments above- but I am only plannin on being in Bangkok for a few days. I am lookin for an Indian Visa for an American passport. Had you heard of any ways to expedite the process of 7-8 days as mentioned above?

    Many thanks in advance, and safe travels!

  18. Paul Lennon says

    Info in the article is outdated. I was in Bangkok last week and you must now get your visa here:
    All visa seekers are advised to visit IVS visa application centre at IVS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd, Address: 22nd floor, building name: 253 Asoke, Opp: Rutnin Eye Hospital, Soi 21, Sukhumvit, Bangkok in person for submitting their applications and biometrics enrolment.

      • Paul Lennon says

        Hi Mark, thanks for the article and all the great food videos on youtube.

        The list of countries that are given visa on arrival for India is now:
        Visa on Arrival Facility is available for holders of passport of following countries
        Australia,Brazil,Cambodia,Cook Islands,Djibouti,Fiji,Finland,Germany,Indonesia,Israel,Japan,Jordan,Kenya,Kiribati,
        Laos,Luxembourg,Marshall Islands,Mauritius,Mexico,Micronesia,Myanmar,Nauru,New Zealand,Niue Island,Norway,
        Oman,Palau,Palestine,Papua New Guinea,Philippines,Republic of Korea,Russia,Samoa,Singapore,Solomon Islands,

  19. sahana says

    Hi please help.

    im a makaysian passport holder would like to apply for india visa from bangkok, is that possible?

    can i know how many days processing period and how long do i get visa for?

    please help

  20. sahana says

    I pls help

    im a malaysian passport holder want to apply for india visa from bangkok, is that possible please?

    can i know the processing time and duration of visa please?

    thank you

  21. Sam says

    Hello everybody

    The article was a biiiig help.

    One **IMPORTANT** thing for us was that you have to time your visa. They will not make it valid from a specific date. They will make it valid from the date you receive your visa. We had to come back one day later to make sure we can stay in India until the date of our flight (and we had to have a in and out flight ticket and a hotel reservation for the first 2 weeks).

    Thanks again. Enjoy India!

  22. Michelle says

    Thanks for the article and all the comments.

    My husband and I are preparing to get visas for ourselves and our three kids. Couple of questions…

    1. Can you only get a 6 month visa or can you get a 1 yr visa? We are planning on spending the last leg of our journey over there, won’t need quiet a year but would like longer than 6 months.

    2. We will be entering in the North and then traveling down to the South. We don’t know the exact place/date we’ll be leaving. Is there a way to print out an itinerary that looks like a flight out but that we don’t have to pay anything for right now?

    Much thanks!

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