20 Photos of Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

There was so much amulet and good luck decoration in this taxi that I actually feared for the drivers visibility

1. Decorated Taxi

Unlike last year, when I was able to eat exclusively vegetarian for the entire festival, this year I simply had too many things going on to commit to the 9 day challenge.

However, I was able to get out a few times in Bangkok’s Chinatown to take some photos, two videos that you may have already seen, and to eat some vegetarian Thai food.

Here are 20 of my favorite photos from Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival 2012. Most of them are from exploring the temple near on the banks of the river.

Vegetarian Thai Food

A cart full of steaming peanuts, sweet potatoes and pods flowers

2. Steamed Snacks

Thailand Vegetarian Festival 2012

We arrived at about 7 am to see many monks collecting their daily food

3. Monk on the Street

Chinese temple in Bangkok, Thailand

One of the main temples where festivities in Bangkok took place during the festival

4. Chinese Temple in Chinatown, Bangkok

Thailand Vegetarian Festival 2012

Within the temple, one is only permitted to wear fully white clothing

5. Inside Chinese Temple

Vegetarian Thai Food

Awesome street restaurant packed with vegetarian street food

6. Vegetarian Restaurant in Chinatown

Vegetarian Festival

One of my favorite vegetarian Thai dishes is stewed bean curd

7. Dishing Up Bean Curd

Vegetarian Thai Food in Yaowarat

First vegetarian meal during the festival

8. Vegetarian Meal

Bangkok vegetarian festival 2012

Some people that participate in the festival purchase huge sticks of incense to burn

9. Giant Torches

Thailand vegetarian festival 2012

Similar to buying incense, others light giant candles within the temple

10. Lighting Candles

Thailand Vegetarian Festival

There’s a crew on standby waiting for people to buy candles or torches and these guys do all the sweaty work setting things up

11. Temple Workers

Thailand Vegetarian Festival 2012

Thailand Vegetarian Festival 2012

12. Crew Member

Lighting incense within the temple

Lighting incense within the temple

13. Lighting Incense


14. Candles and Lady

Hard labor and near flames, it's not easy work

Hard labor and inches from flames, it’s not easy work

15. Setting Up Torches

Vegetarian Festival 2012 in Bangkok

This guy made rounds clearing out the old incense that had burned through

16. Cleaning Out the Incense

Bangkok vegetarian festival

Sticky, crunchy, and filled with mushrooms and cabbage, these fried dumplings were delicious!

17. Fried Dumpling Stall

It was extremely tasty!

It was extremely tasty!

18. Fried Dumpling

Using wooden hammers, these guys alternate taking hits to crush peanuts into peanut candy

Using wooden hammers, these guys alternate taking hits to crush peanuts into peanut candy

19. Pounding Peanut Candy

One of my favorite vegetarian Thai dishes during the festival was this plate of stir fried tofu with holy basil

One of my favorite vegetarian Thai dishes during the festival was this plate of stir fried tofu with holy basil

20. Stir Fried Tofu

The annual Thailand vegetarian festival is most famous in Phuket where you can see rituals of self-flagellation, but in Bangkok there are still some interesting (and less violent) festivities and food to eat.

If you missed the vegetarian festival videos watch them here!

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  1. says

    Wow that’s great, I would love to try vegetarian Thai dishes. Thai cuisine is so tasty and since sometimes it’s not exactly easy to find vegetarian options in Asia, except India obviously, this festival is not to be missed.

  2. says

    Amazing photos! I didn’t know about this festival, and it looks interesting. The beancurb and fried dumpling look delicious!! yum…

  3. Max Neumegen says

    Thanks mark.
    If you like to see what happened Tuesday night at the Chinese shrine for the festival closing, of the burning of all the offerings and the live Chinese theatre, photos are on my Facebook. No videos yet. The next morning ceremony of the calling of heaven to earth was just as crowded.
    Next year you may have to stay at the “river view guest house ” to so you can be there for the ending this time.

    The best part, was actually exploring the 200 year old houses around the area and videoing with the locals what life is like there.
    Max Neumegen.

  4. says

    It’s interesting to see so many veg Thai dishes. I was thinking that it hard to find a vegetarian food in Thailand but you busted my myth. After reading your post, I am looking forward to visit this festival next time and want to enjoy all these dishes.

    • says

      Hey Peter, well is during the festival when there’s lot and lots of vegetarian food, but during non-festival times, there are still some vegetarian restaurants.

  5. Nash says

    I missed last years vegetarian festival by a week, unfortunately I wont be visiting Thailand again this year. I will have to do the festival in 2014.
    Your photo’s are amazing, the food jumps out at you.

  6. PROF I C GUPTA says



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