PHOTO: Chinese Sashimi

Chinese Sashimi

Chinese Sashimi

Chinese Sashimi, Guangxi, China

Chinese food is not exactly known for including too many raw things.

In fact, everything is nearly cooked to death, even lettuce is supposed to be cooked.

But in the small village of Chengyang, we had a traditional Chinese ceviche-like plate of raw fish cooked only by the acid of lime juice. It was delicious.

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  1. MarkG says

    I recently watched a UK TV programme in which the female presenter went to a banquet in a Chinese restaurant in south China and before her eyes they made sashimi from raw (and very much alive – it was fresh from a tank and squirming about) sea cucumber. Not cooked.

    The presenter came close to vomiting!

    Have you tried this or Sea Slugs? Or as usual, would you recommend a liberal inclusion of chili flakes or Tabasco Sauce?

    I already know that if the subject was toast or Cornflakes you would say ‘Yes’!


    • says

      Haha, thank for the comment MarkG. I have never tried that sea cucumber sashimi, have no idea how it would taste, but I’m sure it would be the texture that would make it bizarre. Would love to try sometime if I ever get a chance, and yes, I do think almost everything is better with chili. Thanks for all your support!

    • says

      Hey Caanan, I think it was pickled mustard greens and also thinly slice ginger stems (light green). Really flavorful and quite earthy and herby tasting and a little bitter, I really enjoyed it!

  2. says

    Wow, gotta say if you hadn’t given it the seal of approval, not sure that I would’ve been adventurous enough to try but it sounds great. And like Saimin said, like ceviche. I’ll hire you as my taste-tester any day. Love your site and will definitely be back soon! Keep up the awesome posts!

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