The fresher your meat, the better

Ordered my chicken in China

Ordered my chicken in China

Everywhere in Asia, the fresher the better.

From live fish markets that look like aquariums to restaurants, it’s always best to eat fresh. You know the fast food slogan “we don’t make it ’til you order it?”

How about, “we don’t butcher it until you order it!”

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    That is a great shot! Reminds me of old-school markets (still have some in the US, just have to hunt for them) where animals are hung up for sale but also advertising and you can get a freshly cooked meal in minutes from the stall owner. Yeah!

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    Growing up in the Philippines, we use to butcher our own chickens (not me, but our helpers / hands at home). And it was super common to go to a market or restaurant and get a live fish, live goat, live crabs, etc. and have it butchered for you right there and then. It was awesome!

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      Thanks for sharing Jen! That’s the way restaurants should be – you can always know you’re getting the freshest, instead of something that’s been sitting in the fridge or freezer for months before being served!

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