Photo: Sri Lankan Fruit Store

Sri Lanka Fruit Seller

Sri Lanka Fruit Seller

Fruit Store, Kandy, Sri Lanka

If you’ve read Migrationology before, you probably already known that I consider fruit to be one of the world’s most amazing things.

Fruit is specifically designed only to be eaten. The delicious fruit store in Kandy, Sri Lanka, was beautiful – and the vendor was slicing away and giving us samples of fruit!

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    • says

      Hey Lindsay, no I’m not in Kandy, this is just an photo from my previous visit. That is hilarious you bought fruit from that guy, he must have been the friendly guy – which he definitely as! Yes, I loved wood apples. I didn’t find that shop, but I the entire time I was in Sri Lanka my friend and I were carrying bags of wood apple around with us. And I’ve since found wood apple a few times in Bangkok and everytime I see it I have to buy it!

  1. says

    That is one of the things I miss… vendors like that. In the US you might find a farmer’s market or a roadside stand, but rare to find a small enterprise like that with so much fresh variety. Good find Mark!

  2. Nivedha R says

    I’ve been perusing your photos of Sri Lanka for a while now, and it’s making me incredibly excited to go back next summer!

    I left when I was four, so all I have are these hazy memories of getting fish cutlets with my grandpa and begging street vendors for rambutans (mom wouldn’t buy them because she thought I had an addiction).

    Thanks for the amazing photos!

    Take care.

    • says

      Hey Nivedha, thank you very much for checking out my Sri Lanka photos, I had such an amazing visit. Glad to hear you will be going back for a visit next summer – you’ve got to get yourself some big bags of rambutan!!

  3. Prasantha says

    Hi Mark

    I am a sri lankan and currently in sri lanka. I’ve watched all of your videos about sri lanka and i am really great full & appreciate about your great enthusiastic interests about our country. I ve seen it in all over the videos you publish and i hope it will be a great opportunity for our country to re-build its war-torned image back. I wish all the best and success for all your future journeys and hope you will visit sri lanka again. Thanks a lot

    • says

      Hi Prasantha, thank you very much for watching and for you nice comment. I had an incredible time visiting your country, and I hope more people will visit in the future!

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