How to Rent Cheap Apartments in Bangkok, Thailand

Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

You’re coming to BANGKOK!

You’re excited and ready, but don’t quite know how to go about renting an apartment…

… As a result of writing an article about how I live in Bangkok for under $300 per month, I’ve received a number of e-mails asking me about the best way of renting cheap apartments in Bangkok.

I decided to put together a few tips and suggestions about things I’ve learned while semi-permanently living in Bangkok for the last few years.

Basic Apartments in Bangkok

Basic apartments in Bangkok are normally single room studio apartments with an ensuite bathroom and balcony, but NO kitchen.

Apartments often come with basic furnishings that include a bed, a small table and maybe a closet to hang your clothes – if you’re lucky you might get a desk and chair. Anything else you desire is up to you to furnish.

1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments often have the added bonus of a kitchen – and they should still come semi-furnished.

Even in budget rental apartments in Bangkok, most buildings are kept very tidy, clean and are even secured by key card front doors and a night guard.

Cheap Apartments in Bangkok

Basic Studio Apartment in Bangkok - 3000 THB per month

Cost of Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

Note: 1000 THB is about $32

  • 2,000 – 4,000 THB ($64 -$128)  per month – basic studio rooms with attached bathroom and balcony, comes with bed and closet
  • 5,000 – 10,000 THB ($160 – $330) per month – studio apartment in a better / more convenient location, nicer amenities, possible swimming pool or fitness room
  • 11,000 – 20,000 THB ($363 – $661) per month – very fancy studios, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments (with kitchen), good location, nice furnishings, possible swimming pool or fitness room
  • 21,000 – 35,000 THB ($694 – $1,156) per month – 1, 2, even 3 bedroom apartments, great location, very fancy, really nice place
  • 36,000 THB ($1,189) and up – plush apartments – 3 – 5 rooms or more

As a budget traveler, I’ve always rented in the 2000 – 4000 THB range and I’ve been very happy and satisfied with the conditions – but I’m easy to please and don’t require too much.

Apartments in Bangkok

Areas of Bangkok

Areas to Look for Apartments in Bangkok:

Like living in any city in the world, location is of utmost importance.

You need to ask yourself if you want to be in the center of town, close to the BTS or MRT train lines, or are you alright to live away from the center of town in a more local neighborhood?

1. Victory Monument and Rangnam (Victory Monument BTS)

With a fantastic network of transportation, tons of Thai street food, and lots of apartments to choose from, Victory Monument is a great place to live.

Thanon Rangnam, a road that is perpendicular to Victory Monument BTS station, is a pleasant street that hosts Thai and international restaurants, some cosy cafes and a couple small laid back bars. There are quite a number of nice serviced apartments and rentals. You may also want to head to Ratchaprarop Road where there’s also a lot of cheaper apartments to choose from.

2. Soi Ari and Saphan Kwai (Ari BTS, Saphan Kwai BTS)

Just north of Victory Monument (approaching Mo Chit) is Soi Ari, an area of Bangkok that offers plenty of apartment rentals, a few guest houses and a mixture of cheap street food, quaint cafes and garden style sit down restaurants.

There are quite a few little places to catch wi-fi and a lot of hidden neighborhood restaurant hang outs. It’s a really nice area to live in.

3. Sukhumvit (Thong Lor BTS, Ekamai BTS, Phra Khanong BTS, On Nut BTS, Udom Suk BTS)

One of Bangkok’s main central road arteries is Sukhhumvit, home to countless businesses, restaurants, the BTS skytrain, and lots of entertainment. There are lots of Thais and expats that choose to live somewhere close to Sukhumvit because it’s easy and convenient.

Asoke, Thong Lor and Ekkamai are all great areas of town, but you’ll find that prices are quite high. If you go a little further down to Phra Khanong and On Nut, there are loads of little apartments and condos for rent. Even further towards Udom Suk there’s a growing amount of decent budget apartments.

Remember if you get further from the main street and the BTS station, you’ll have a better chance at finding cheaper apartments.

How to rent an apartment in Bangkok

Areas of Bangkok

4. More Local Areas of Bangkok

If you want to get more into the really local areas of Bangkok for even cheaper apartments, here are a few areas of town that I would recommend: Ramkhamhaeng, Lat Prao, Ratchada, Pinklao, and Thapra, or Bang Na.

Some of these places are accessible by MRT or BTS, but most you’ll probably have to start taking buses or taxis.

Nevertheless, all of these areas are all still busy parts of Bangkok where you’ll be able to find endless cheap rental apartments!

Renting Cheap Apartments in Bangkok

Renting Cheap Apartments in Bangkok

How to Rent a Cheap Apartment in Bangkok

Once you’ve chosen a suitable area of town, it’s time to start the hunt.

Two of the best website search engines for apartments in Bangkok are Mr Room Finder and 9 Apartments. You can browse by price or by area of town, making it convenient to do research.

But not all (especially the cheapest) apartments are listed on websites, so in my opinion, one of the best ways to search for an apartment is to take the hands on approach.

Physically walk around an area of town that you want to live in and visit apartments that looks suitable.

All apartments in Bangkok have an information office on the bottom floor that is normally open from at least 9 am to 5 pm and usually longer. If you show interest, they will be happy to show you a room and give you the criteria for renting with them.

Now keep in mind that unless you’re in very central (tourist areas) of Bangkok, the apartment officer probably won’t speak English. If you don’t speak Thai, it’s easiest to have a Thai friend talk to the apartment for you and work things out, but if not, be sure to figure out the price per month, contract length and amount of money required for deposit.

Contract and Deposit

Basically if you have enough money, you can quite easily rent an apartment in Bangkok.

The apartment will need your name and contact information on a rental form that you probably won’t even read and then require a signature.

Here’s the catch – many cheap apartments in Bangkok will want you to sign a time contract for about 3 – 6 months. Now this figure does vary (and you can try to negotiate), but keep in mind that to get the best rates, you’ll have to make a commitment.

Most apartments will require you to put down 2 extra months of payment for deposit. So if I wanted to rent a 3,000 THB per month apartment, I’d need to pay 9,000 THB the first month – and then 3,000 THB per month every following month. Of course, if I didn’t destroy the apartment upon leaving and completed my time contract, I’d get my 6,000 THB back.

Apartments at Victory Monument, Bangkok

Park near Victory, Monument

Water and Power

Water is charged by the unit and normally costs around 17 THB ($0.53) per unit. Living in Bangkok, my bill is anywhere from 100 – 200 THB ($3.13 – $6.25) per month.

Power normally costs around 7 THB ($0.22) per unit and my bill each month is around 120 THB ($3.75) – this is the price for a studio apartment with a light, power for my electronics and a fan (price will go way up if you choose to use an AC).


Like I mentioned above, the best way to find the cheapest apartments in Bangkok is to physically walk around. You may be able to find some decent options on 9 ApartmentsMr Room Finder or Thai Apartment, but visiting in person may be the most successful.

If you are looking to live on a tight budget in Bangkok, don’t forget to check out my costs of living in Bangkok!

Also don’t miss these 101 things to do in Bangkok while you’re here.

Hope this helps and enjoy your stay in Bangkok!

NOTE: Do you have a question about renting a place in Bangkok? Instead of writing me a private e-mail, please post your question below as a comment so others can see your question and response. Thanks! – Mark

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      • Johann Neumann says

        i would like to rent an apartment here in bangkok from beginning mars to beginning april 2014 in a nice place with cooking facilities, wifi, swimming pool, with air con, television, for 2 persons.

        with best regards,

        Johann N.

      • Domzhie says

        Hi! I just discovered this website today through watching your Nepal adventure in Youtube. You are a heck adventurous guy, nature and food lover.

        I always wanted to travel like you but I got really scared, I am a small-built petite person but I would really love to travel other than Singapore like a pro backpacker 😉

        I am targeting Thailand in 2014. For a newcomer, Where is the best place for destination, Bangkok? Phuket? Any other tips?

        You are like a tourist guide globally. Thank you.

        • says

          Hey Domzhie, great to hear from you and glad you enjoy eating and traveling too. For Thailand, it all depends if you like the beach or the countryside or the city. Bangkok is a great place to start with lots to offer. Then you might head to the north of the country to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to explore the mountains and north of the country. Enjoy!

      • Ken says

        My first trip will be in June this year and hopping to stay for 3 months I understand that it can be wet then can you advise me if there any part that stays a bit dryer,

        • says

          Hey Ken, good to hear from you. It all depends on what street you live on, some of the streets can flood, but it’s hard to tell which ones do. The rains are alright though, normally they just last for an hour and then it can be nice sunny weather!

        • ken says

          Mark can you recommend which way we should travel when we arrive in Thailand for warm weather north or south we arrive in June for 3 months. thanks ken

      • bill says

        hi! i just wanna ask if you know cheaper apartments near siam tower?

        is it possible that the downpayment for the apartments there will be made when arrived in bkk?

        i tried searching from, but no one replied from my msgs. lol

        pls help me. ill be going there this May and will stay for 6mons.

    • rochelle says

      western expat living in Bangkok, been here for 18 years
      I have a huge arts 8 bed room house with rooms to rent
      there is a huge kitchen where you can cook. wifi.
      Fresh food market, kho san road and access to the river are all in walking distance.
      there is plenty of cheap street food around.
      beautiful views from some of the rooms of Rama 8 bridge.
      and a roof top garden with a bar, communal living room. and an art studio/garage.

      we are located under rama 8 bridge
      please check on Google maps for exact location
      Arun Ammarin 53, Bang Yi Khan, Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700, Thailand
      for first time coming here its easiest to just take a taxi meter or the boat

      rooms are free at the end of jan and the beginning of feb
      please email me if your looking to move during this time.

      our room rates are 150 baht for a small single room 1000 baht per week (this room is not suitable for long term sorry)
      ac rooms 350 per night 2100 per week 6000 per month (and 6 baht per unit of electric only for monthly rental min stay 2 months)
      fan rooms 300 per night 1900 per week 5500 per month (and 6 baht per unit of electric only for monthly rental min stay 2 months)

    • says

      Hi I have a quick question regarding the availability of the cheaper priced apartments(2000-5000). What is the probability of obtaining one of these cheaper priced apartments if you contact the apartment building in person(on your own) as a farang with limited (if any) thai language skills? I suppose we should assume I am staying for 3 – 6 months, can get a quote and other general contract info.
      If unlikely, then can you pay for an interpreter or local to negotiate?

      • says

        Hey Kieron, yes it’s possible, you’ll just have to sign a contract from 3 – 6 months depending on apartment. There are plenty in the 3000 – 4000 range, and you should be able to make out communication with someone at the apartment – or they might have a sheet that explains their prices. Best of luck!

  1. says

    hey mark, thanks for this mate – really useful.

    I think you’re more expensive rates are a bit out of sync though. I pay 27,000 to live on sukhumvit, by Pleonchit BTS, in a 2 bed apartment. To get a modern, western style apartment with 3 bedrooms is 40,000+ i’ve found :S

    • says

      Thanks for the added input Johnny. Yah, maybe my figures are a little on the lower side for the fancier apartments in Bangkok – but it really has to do with location. If you get just a bit off the BTS or away from central Bangkok, the value for price really goes way up. I’ll bump up those figures a little though, because all of my experience is in the lower budget apartments. Thanks man, hope you’re enjoying Bangkok!

  2. Paul says

    What are the visa regulations for living in Thailand? I hear a lot about people staying for a long time on 3 or 6 month visas and making visa runs to one of the borders to get a fresh entry stamp for another period of time in the country. How long can you keep doing that and would it be better to get a longer term visa (if possible)? I’m from the UK btw.

    • says

      Hey Paul, there are a number of visa’s. I know that if you’re from the UK you can pre-apply for a 1 year visa… but not sure of all the details, and I think you still need to leave every few months. For myself (American), I normally try to get a 2 month double entry visa. This gives me 2 months then I need to just cross the border to Cambodia and return and I have another 2 months. Also if I want, I can extend each visa by 1 month for a fee of 2000 THB. So on 1 visa application I can potentially get 6 months altogether. As for length to keep doing the same thing, I’m not sure, but I know a lot of people do it for many years.

      • aisha says

        Hi Mark, I love this post of yours! Does it matter what citizenship you are if you want to stay in Bangkok for a period of 3-6 months? Thanks!

        • says

          Thank you Aisha. Yah, it does vary, the length of a visa granted depending upon what passport you have, so make sure you do some research about your nation before making plans. All the best!

  3. says

    Thanks for posting this. I’m moving to Bangkok for a few months in October to start my travels and this has been immensely helpful.

  4. John says

    Outstanding info, really helpful, I’m looking to move out at the end of September to teach English and have found this really informative, thanks very much

  5. Jordan says

    I am about to go backpacking with my gf around SE Asia and starting in Bangkok, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for renting an apartment for just a couple of nights when we get there. There are many offers that seem almost too good to be true, but looking at your price ranges for apartments I could be wrong… can these ads be trusted?

    • says

      Hey Jordan, depending on where you’re seeing the ads. If you check out and they are both pretty reliable and verified for renting short term apartments. Also check the ratings and the reviews. Hope you have a great visit to Bangkok!

  6. Federico says

    Hi Mark, I would suggest you to check also, Ive been using their serviced apartments since 2009, prices are good and they are always ready to help you out for free for everything you may need for your apartment. They also have luxury condos, not for everybody but great!

  7. Colorado Tom says

    Great article Mark. I want to come to Thailand, but I have zero connections there and can’t read/write Thai. Is there anyone or any service there, for hire or otherwise, who could help a newbie locate a suitable studio apt? I have traveled extensively in China (thus not too newbie), but could really use a little help. Thanks Mark. Keep up the good work.

  8. paul says

    The 5000 baht/moth or less apartments near /around Victory Monument are always full , unless you are willing to pay 7000 or more

  9. Hk guy says

    I saw a room for rent one in Bangkok. Its close to Airport link Ramkhumhang Station full brand new furniture (30 sf). Its only 9,500 bath ($290) a months and the owner very nice and pretty.If i not wrong the name of the apartment is should be Dcondo Ramkhumhang. just wanna share. and this page is really useful to me. thank you for sharing.

  10. says

    Hi Mark, My name is Kris and I am a Canadian journalist coming to Bangkok on October 31st to cover the FIFA Futsal World Cup. This page was very helpful. I am wondering if you’d like to meet up and get some food and drink (on me) in exchange for some of your wisdom. You can reach me at the email address I entered.

    I’m thinking of renting near Hua Mark Indoor Stadium as that is where most of the games will be held so as per journalist requirements I will be doing this last minute. Cheers

  11. says

    Hi Mark,

    I like how you broke it down and specific you are. I am sure many ppl found the info helpful.

    What is the best way to book a ticket? I looked at websites like FareCompare and Price Line but am not sure if they have the most affordable prices,

    • says

      Hey We, thank you very much, hope it’s helpful. As for airfare, most of the time I look at sites like and and after seeing the best rates, I then go to that airline’s official site and see if they have any other specials. It just takes some patience and lots of browsing!

  12. says

    Mark, my name is Vikram, I am from India and I must say that I found your article VERY useful. Here in India we get a 2 month tourist visa to Thailand (if we take the visa at home) and a 15 day visa on arrival. It has been my dream to come with a 2 month visa and spend the entire time period in and around Thailand (maybe hop over to Cambodia, Laos, etc.). I tried doing this in March this year, but the staying costs ultimately broke my back :( [I stayed at hotels only] and I was back in India, quite disheartened, having stayed just short of a month.

    On an optimistic note, I have booked myself up for New Year to Thailand, with my flight ticket already in place. Among other resources, your article has been a major inspiration for me with regard to the possibility of lowering staying costs. And that is where I have two specific questions to ask you:

    1. Is the deposit scenario COMPULSORY across all apartments, in Bangkok, Pattaya, etc.?

    2. What if I do not want to stay an entire month in one place? Could I break up the two month duration into 4 chunks of 15 day stays at Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Samui? Maybe include some more places like Chiang Mai, Krabi, etc. and stay for shorter periods at any of the places I mentioned?

    I would be most happy if there are CHEAP places where one can pay and stay on a DAILY basis, WITHOUT any deposit clause.

    Do you know about any such places, anywhere in Thailand?

    To understand my definition of cheap, the cheapest hotel I have ever stayed in Thailand cost me 1,000 THB a night while the most expensive cost me about 6,000 THB a night, over as many as 8 different trips (and counting!) to the country! You can check out my YouTube channel (link above, among my particulars) where I have shared some of my experiences on these trips, across 135 different videos or so…there could have been many more but I didn’t film on most trips.

    Anyway, getting back to my question, if its a decent enough place which I can get on a DAILY basis at say 200-300 THB a night, I’d be quite happy! :)

    Thank you if you have read this far – and thank you earnestly, well in advance, for any advice that you give!

    • says

      Hello Vikram,

      Great to hear your enthusiasm about visiting Bangkok, and I just checked out some of your videos, great!

      1. There are some apartments where you don’t need to leave a deposit, but they won’t be the absolute cheapest places – you may have to pay somewhere between 6000 – 10,000 per month for places that don’t need a deposit – they are more like serviced apartments.

      2. Again, if you just want to stay shorter periods of time you should consider looking at serviced apartments which cater exactly to that sort of thing. Have you searched anything on or yet? They may have some decent short term options.

      As for Bangkok, try those sites I mentioned above and also if you need a cheaper and good guest house, check out New Road Guest House.

      Let me know what works!

  13. deena anuar says

    Hi Mark,

    So happy that I stumbled upon your website. Very very helpful and informative.
    I am doing my internship next february and currently hunting for an apartment. Can you please suggest suitable area for apartments that are close to Phayathai road.


  14. says

    The prakard website is also a good resource for finding rooms in Bangkok. It is mostly comprised of condo’s and 99% of the ads are in Thai. So make sure you can either read Thai, or have a friend who can help you out. I’ve rented condo’s directly from owners through this website with great success.

    If you are more interested in apartments or a specific area, the best strategy is to basically beat feet. Get out there and walk around. Bring a friend who can speak Thai if you cannot. Just walk down the soi you want to stay and ask at the information/office at each apartment about renting a room. SOOOO many of these places simply don’t advertise or have a web presence but are AMAZING deals. I’ve found places in great locations with full amenities and location in the 3000-4000 range.

    Sure it might be a bit more work, but what is half a day of sweating it in the Bangkok sun for months of enjoyment/satisfaction in a great apartment?

  15. Albert Dwayne says

    Hey Mark,

    Thank you for the very useful information.
    But do you know any place 3000 baht or less? Anywhere in bangkok please preferably near Nana or Asoke. I don’t mind the conditions and all, but i’m a traveller and i don’t stay very long. Only for 3-4 months. But at the moment i on have 5000 on me. I’m still renting at this cheap 500 a night hotel, but i’m struggling and running out.

    Please suggest me some jobs, i could read and write thai. But i’m only 18, i can’t teach yet.

    • says

      Hey Albert, I’m not really familiar with apartments around Asoke or Nana, and that’s generally a higher priced area than some of the outskirts. You may want to just walk around and find something suitable in your budget. Also you may want to look in a place like Wang Wiang Yai or On Nut for more budget places. As for a job, what do you like doing? Maybe some translation work?

  16. Steve Sorrell says

    I wanted to thank you for you above post and this website! I am moving to Bangkok in March and have found this information very helpful!

    I have one question, do you know of any apartment areas where dogs are accepted?

    Thanks again


    • says

      Hey Steven, I’m not really sure, it really all depends on the apartment. I think many rentals do not allow dogs. If you rent a condo from an individual it would be more possible.

  17. says

    Hey mark ,

    I am a residential and accommodation provider .Now I have 3 bedrooms 200 sqm.apartment on
    Paholyotin Rd. close to Ari Saphaikwai , sanamfao., BTS Fully furnished and facilities,swimming,fitness,security guard and peaceful . Just 40,000 Baht / month

  18. says

    Hello mark my name is craig I have been cumming to thailand for 8 years and did most of the islands and spent many of my time in pattaya,just come back from there at Christmas and to be honest starting to get over the place ,just a quick question I am looking on taking 2 months off work in August I am from the uk and live in western Australia,I work in the mines and to be honest need some time off , I want to be in Bangkok for a good solid month just relaxing ,want to be in a good area with a nice apartment fully furnished looking on paying no more than 16,000 Byatt for the month that’s with bils including,want to be close to a really good gym and somewhere I can go to learn the Thai language more

    This is not a drinking holiday for me it’s more a get fit relaxing ,massage type place ideally would like to be close to places like sukenvic but not to far away away

    Could you please help me find a nice fully furnished apartment please

  19. B Baker says

    Thanks for taking the time for the info! The search engines are nice and give one a good idea of what’s idea but I wholeheartedly agree. Find a neighborhood, an area that fits your vibe, and walk, look, listen, and smile the entire time :)

  20. says

    hey mark,
    just bought your bangkok-book a few hours ago. good advice and good design too.

    so im looking forward to fullfill an old dream: to live in bangkok!

    1) right now i think i will try to rent a place for only 1 month (september or october).
    do u think that´s possible, to rent for only a month? i thought about paying cash directly to make things easier, do u think that´s a good idea?

    2) are there “in between solutions”, like renting a place in a hotel for a month/longterm or …?

    3) can u name the top three areas for living in bangkok?
    1st place: victory monument area
    2nd place: … …

    thanks in advance

    • says

      Hi Jo,

      Thank you for getting a copy of my guide and great to hear you’re thinking about moving to Bangkok. Yes, it’s possible to rent a place just for a single month, but since you won’t be signing a 3 – 6 month contract, the prices will be a little higher. If you talk to a hotel or guest house, you may be able to negotiate a deal for a 1 month stay. I think around the Nana and Asok areas there are quite a few condos that will rent by the week or monthly basis. As for areas of town I’d recommend Victory Monument (and Rangnam road), Ari, or somewhere around Sukhumvit (Nana, Asok, Thong Lor, On Nut).

      • says

        thx for the answers.
        there´s one thing that i can´t wrap my head around:
        u said u do a “refill” of drinking-water for 1 baht?!
        how the heck do u do that? i never saw a traveller doin that. maybe
        it´s worth a post of his own with a nice pic? :)
        thx in advance…

        • says

          Hey Jo, around Bangkok and especially at the bottom of many apartments, there are water machines (kind of looks like a vending machine). You just put your bottle underneath, put in 1 baht, press the button, and you’ll get 1 liter of fresh drinking water.

  21. Axel says

    Hi Mark, thanks for the nicely written article. Quick question, wife and I are coming to BKK for apartment hunting (renting) the end of Feb. Do you suggest, we go with a good realtor (any suggestions) or do the search on our own? Thanks!

  22. khunjim says

    I stayed at a basic 0ne bedder fully furnished with AC on Thong Lo 25 for 13000 bht pm. Electricity bills were quarterly. It turns out the cost to power a water pump to feed water to my apartment was passed onto me. Additionally a communal washing machine (why would you do your own washing?) was also a shared expense. Something to consider.

  23. Jamine says

    I have been in Bangkok from time to time. I personally recommended my place call C Residence Apartment the building is New! , i pay 9,500 Baht per month (USD300) not far from the BTS National Stadium and MRT Hualumpong station. Staff very helpful and they can speck english very well.

  24. Tony McGrath says

    Hi Mark, great Blog,lots of very interesting info.and great feedback from readers.
    I’ve been visiting Thailand for last few years, and my stays in BKK have mainly been at the Ambassador hotel,Nana,Soi 11, making full use of the BTS,to get about. So I’m interested in trying to look at cheaper stays,problem is I’m usually just on a 2 week vacation,so doubt if I could take advantage of low cost rentals. Thanks again.

    • says

      Hey Tony, glad it’s useful! Yes, for 2 week stays possibly a serviced apartment, with no contract commitment, would be the best option. In the coming weeks I’ll try to do some research about good serviced apartments and get an article out.

  25. Zach Boyer says

    Mark, what would be the best way to rent an apartment if you’re not in Bangkok yet? I’d like to have it all set up before I get there. How do you do that?

    • says

      Hey Zach, that’s a good question. Are you looking for just a 1 month, no contract, type of place. You can probably do some searches on Mr. Room Finder and make some contacts, or also, depending on how long you plan to stay, I would recommend searching for some places on and setting it up there. All the best!

  26. says

    Some very useful stuff here thanks. I have been going to Thailand on holidays for a few years now and am looking to stay longer than two weeks at a time. I hope to be spending up to 5 months a year in Thailand. In BKK I think the area around the new Silom roit fai far (overhead rail) extension over the river into the Eastern part of the city (Thon buri) could well be worth checking out. Otherwise I would look around Chattuchak or Victory Monument. Just as you suggested. I am getting on in years and have never been good at languages but I can really recommend learning some Thai and even better learn to read it as well. It is not that difficult to read and I find much easier than speaking it as I don’t get any verbal practice. For a younger person I would have thought that 20mins a day for six months would be more than enough to get the reading down and fifty or so phrases that woulkd make life much easier, cheaper and more interesting.

  27. says

    The room that is on the picture costs only $32 per month? wow, how is it possible, I rented almost the same kind of room, looks like the same size, maybe even the one on the pic is bigger that I used to have and I payed over $200 per month, but it was in Vietnam. And Vietnam is supposed to be one of the poorest countries in the world. My room still was considered to be very cheap. It seems that Thailand is so much cheaper. Thanks fot this article.

  28. says

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for this. It’s very useful. I hope I can find one asap. I’ve called several apartments now but there’s no availability. If you can recommend an apartment for me, that will be perfect. I’ll give them a call. I’m wanting to move in asap. Thanks again. xx

    • says

      Hey Gen, I don’t know any exact apartments to call, but keep trying a few more. Will you have time to walk around when you arrive? The easier thing might be to get to Bangkok and then walk around for a day and find a place in person. All the best!

  29. Gino says

    Hi Mark!
    I enjoyed reading the articles in your blog so much I signed up for your newsletter. I’m addicted to smoothies also, so I was elated to read that the voluminous lusciousness you photographed so well only costs a buck!
    I was wondering, does a person have to give up their S.S. # and go through the hassle of a credit check to rent an apartment in Bangkok?

    • says

      Hey, thanks a lot Gino! No, you don’t have to give your SS number of have a credit check to rent an apartment in Bangkok. All you have to do is sign a contract saying you’ll rent for a period of time and leave a deposit of 2 – 3 months. All the best!

  30. Jason says

    Hi, I’m moving to bangkok this June for 6 months.
    Any recommendations for apartments south west?

    P.s loving the website! Getting lots of useful info for the big move


    • says

      Hey Jason, great to hear you’ll be moving to Bangkok soon. I don’t have any personal recommendation, but if you’re looking for a condo you might try Lumpini Suites or Life condo.

      • Junaid Khan says

        hey mark.. im coming to thailand in end of this month!! i need ur little help.. can u tell me where i will have a room or apartment on cheap rates.. From 2000THB-3000THB?? i need ur exact ans MARK!! so plz tell me fast

  31. Ria says

    Hey mark!! Thanks for all the info here, I just have to ask about something. I’ll be moving to thailand next month and I was just wondering if I can rent a space for like 3kBaht-5kBaht for 3 mos. and is there any place where I can pay the whole 3mos stay when I arrive so I dont have to worry anymore every month of my stay?

    • says

      Hi Ria, yes there are plenty of places that you can rent for that price, but it’s the contract that might be tricky – some 3 months but others are 6 months. Not sure about paying in advance, because the electric and water bills are normally all included together each month, but you can always ask the landlord.

  32. Saurabh says

    Hello there Mark , i am planning to come to bangkok in June mid , will be staying in hotel for sometime and then will shift to some of the apartments in sukhumvit. I read your blog thanks it was helpful . I hope I will bug you time and again if i need any query lolzzzzz but seriously the blog is very good keep doing the great work

  33. Aaron says

    Great post Mark.
    If you dont mind, i’d like to post here.

    We have a big town house in sukhumvit 101/1.
    Fully furnished, all rooms have aircond, king sized bed, with attached bathroom and balcony.
    Beautiful house, great location, very nice neighborhood, easy to get transportation and not so far from BTS Udomsuk & Punnawithi.

    2 rooms are occupied and we’re looking for another housemate to occupy the other. We’re young professionals working around bangkok and we have lots of fun. everything is provided in the house, sheets, pillows, cupboard, kitchen is fully equipped with stove, baking oven, fridge, washing machine, everything!

    If you need more information, please contact me through my email at and I’ll provide you with pictures and more details.

    Feel free to come visit us!


    • says

      Hi Tahir, there are many options around Bangkok if you walk around the areas of On Nut, Mo Chit, or Victory Monument, of search some of the websites mentioned in this post. All the best with the search!

      • muhammad afzal says

        i am in Bangkok living in some hotel. first my plain was just one week stay in Bangkok, but now i will have to stay here two months. we are four people. we need two bed room furnish appartment.please let me know, we need from 27-05-2013 onward

  34. says


    Hi guys my name yahya I’m from libya I’m come to bangkok next to study 2years at SAE .
    I need some info. frist time for me come there.
    I want rent apartmant just until 180$per month near from this address. SAE Institute Bangkok
    46 Mahajak Building, Sukhumvit Soi 3,, Nana-Nua, Klongtan, Wattana, Bangkok, Bangkok. Thanks so much

    • Kon says

      Hello yahya, I know one place that sukhumvit 97 romance apt it’s 5000 B p/m wit fully furnish. 5 mis walk Banchak BTS . check it out

  35. Daniel Scott says

    Hello, Thanks for the information. I am moving to Mo Chit for a job in a University in a month. I want to rent something around 5,000. Could you help me with some advice? Thank you.

  36. Valentin says

    Hi Mark.
    First of all, I wanna thank you for all your usefull information, they will help me a lot.
    I read your impression about the city and I realise that your travel was chilling around and…eating :)
    My purpose is finding a cheep room near to a muay thai school.
    Perhaps you know something?
    I’ll travel on october/november for a couple of months.
    Please let me know
    Best regards,

    • Valentin says

      And I forgot one more thing.
      I’ll travel alone,
      Can I get my camera back with me or I have to take my risks?

    • says

      Hey Valentin, good to hear you’ll be coming to Bangkok. Do you know which muay thai school you’ll be going to. It might be best to check out a school first and then find a small apartments in the same area so that it’s close and you don’t have to commute. I only really know about Chakrit, not sure about others.

  37. says

    Hi Mark,

    I will be coming to Bangkok in August(first time) and will be working near Phaholyothin Road,Bangkok. I am looking for a Studio/1BHK apartment with good facilities.(Round the clock Security,and with amenities attached). I am also not looking to spend time travelling a lot. Considering this, can you suggest good place that i should be looking and what would be the rentals like in those areas for a Studio / 1BHK apartment please.

    • says

      Hi Rohan, good to hear you’ll be coming to Bangkok. You might want to try either The Live or Lumpini Suites apartments – I think they have some locations along Pahonyothin.

  38. Kara says

    Any tips for a family with 2 young boys (4 & 2), coming to deliver baby #3 at the Sriracha hospital? We’d like a place furnished and fairly close to the hospital. Don’t need a lot of space but kitchen would be great and $300/month is the top of our price-range. We’re looking at arriving end of September and staying until the end of October.

    • says

      Hi Kara, is that in Chonburi? Where is Sriracha hospital? It’s best to just arrive, maybe stay in a hotel for the first few days, and search for a good place that’s in a good location once you’re here – that’s the best way to find a place. I’m sorry, I personally don’t know any places off the top of my head. Hope you have a great time in Bangkok and congratulations for #3!

  39. Vinayak says

    Hi really good to read ur blog, it was a great guidance for me as iam Indian iam planing to relocate to Bangkok so I would look for job once I reach bangkok so wanted know for indians getting job in call center or customer service is there any issue I would be prepared to survive for atleast month or two hope ao get good job and good place to leave

    • says

      Hi Vinayak, good to hear you’ll be coming to Bangkok. To be honest, I’m really not sure about getting a job in Bangkok. Will you come to Bangkok first and then apply for a job? Or get the job before coming?

  40. Paul H says

    Mark, if I am going to Bangkok with wife and two young girls…for one month…I want to rent a place for only one month. I can afford $500USD. I don’t want a situation where I may not get my deposits back. We don’t need a large place. We do need good water and electricity, clean place, no major issues, must be able to cook, not a lot, but some. So large kitchen is not necessary. Clean beds for all. Safe area of town.

    OK, should I rent hotel room, suite….or should I try to strike deal with apartment/studio owner. Please give advice, if possible.

    thanks. Paul

    • says

      Hi Paul, you’re probably looking at something more like a serviced apartment – they don’t have contracts and often offer deals for month long stays. Or you could check a website like where individuals post apartments or rooms to rent. For $1000 per month you should be able to get a pretty decent place!

  41. says

    Hi Mark just found your blog,wow you certainly can teach an old dog (like me) new tricks. I am looking to do something along the same lines as you. First port of call will be Bangkok and your article is a great resource, Thank You

  42. says

    hello mark,
    I need your assistance regarding a cheap warehouse that I would like to rent for few months. I don’t want one with big space and all, all I require is just a small space, in market or close to market area. I put up at lumpini, huay khwang rama IX , any suggestions?

    • says

      Hi Vivek, I really don’t know anything about renting a warehouse in Bangkok, but I’m sure you could just walk about those areas and try to find something suitable. Good luck with everything!

  43. Rihzia says

    Hi Mark

    Thank you for your informative article. I am moving with my husband and toddler son and would ideally like to stay in a small house/ground floor apartment with a garden. We do not need to stay near business districts as we work from home, but we would need to be near a good preschool. Do you know price ranges for small houses/ garden apartments with 2-3 bedrooms ideally furnished. We do not require luxury but would not want bare bone basic either.


    • says

      Hello Rihzia,
      Thank you for taking a look at this article. I don’t know any specific places, but it sounds like you might want to check out the areas around Asoke, Phrom Phong or Thong Lor. There are many apartments, and this is probably where you’ll find good preschools as well.

  44. Lynn says

    Hi Mark,

    So good to find your page here. I’ll move to Bangkok in this September and look a spacious apartment to rent from Bt5,000-10,000 a month more than 6 months. I prefer renting a place with full equipped kitchen to do cooking but there are not many places having it or simply they just provide a sink only which I’m not satisfied.
    I also concern about internet speed in thai apartment as well because I need good internet to work. Many ads said that the rooms have high speed internet but I don’t know how good it really it comparing to internet in the UK where I live.
    Can you have any suggestion for me plz?

    • says

      Hi Lynn, good to hear you’re moving to Bangkok. Hmm, for that budget with an equipped kitchen it might be difficult. For two rooms and a small kitchen that’s all furnished you’re probably looking more like 15,000 THB per month, but you might be able to find 10,000. You can always get one without being furnished and then buy a small oven? As for internet, normally it’s quite fast for download but still quite slow for upload. Some, but not all, apartments will allow you to get your own internet, such as from True, and you can get a really good speed connection from them. All the best!

  45. says

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks alot for your quick reply. I’m tending to rent one bedroom apartment only with a kitchen so hopefully Bt10,000 – 13,000 might be enough for it. I will rent a place not in central but near local markets for grocery shopping. If you know any area like that, please tell me and I’d be very thankful.

    Wish you the best,

  46. DP Singh from India says

    Hi Mark
    Its a very very great and helpful blog.Very Nice work to help peoples.I appreciate this.
    Dear mark i am coming to Bangkok on 25th July this month.25th & 26th in Bkk. And then i will go to siem reap Cambodia for 4 Days from mo chit station.then from 31st to 8th i will stay in bangkok.
    Is the apartments are available for two days or for seven days? Can i get a budget apartment with kitchen for seven days and for two days?
    And if YES , please tell me the area where i can find the very low priced apartments ( Around 2000 to 4000 baht).
    Thanks & Regards
    Damanpreet Singh India

    • says

      Hello Damanpreet, thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately it’s hard to get an apartment for so short unless you find a serviced apartment. You should check on both and – you’ll find short term rentals – and some private apartments too. All the best!

  47. marcelo says

    Hi Mark, I’ve seen some of your videos on travel and food and should say you make me feel angry for living. I am from Brazil and have travelled and lived for long term in some south american countries and short experiences in Africa (I used to work for Oxfam on Humanitarian Projects)… Back to Brazil and after years working as a dog for nothing lol I am planning to go to East Asia, actually, to Thailand. Like you I am crazy for food and also I am easy to be pleased. For me it has been very difficult to understand about the different areas in Bangkok and would be very grateful if you could help me giving some tips os websites or books where I can have a good ideia on where to live in Bangkok and their local transport system. Thank you so much and sorry for my poor English. Big hug and good luck.

    • Marcelo says

      Hi Mark,
      Just to add that my budget top for flat renting is 6000B although I wouldnt mind living in one like yours. Tks again

    • says

      Hey Marcelo, good to hear from you and glad you’ll be coming to Thailand. There are many places to choose from, but for 6000 THB you might want to check around Victory Monument or Phaya Thai if you want to be in the middle of the city. If you want to be a little further out, check out On Nut or Udom Suk. As for transportation, taking the BTS skytrain or MRT underground are very convenient. Taxis are also available everywhere and for a good price. Buses are cheapest, but not so fast. Hope this helps and all the best!

  48. Hoang Ngan says

    Hi Mark,

    I’m new in Bangkok, I will start working here from 19th July 2013. Can you please help to recommend any room for rent with the budget around 3000-4000 baht/month? My working place is near BTS Siam.

    Many thanks,

    • says

      Hi Ngan, I don’t have any personal recommendations, but you should just start walking around. For your budget you might check some neighborhoods around Petchaburi area, off Ratchathewi or Phaya Thai.

  49. peterPan says

    Hi Mark! Enjoyed your posts here and I am already checking these condo sites. I am moving to Bangkok soon for maybe 6 months or more and after many trips with way too expensive hotels I am finally looking for an apartment instead, maybe in the 20000-25000 THB range. Shouldn’t be too hard to find one, I guess. I am wondering though whether many of these places have strict house rules especially regarding overnight guests? Thanks!

  50. kuni says

    thank you so much for the interresting and importnant information mark. my name is Kuni, student from indonesia. i and my classmates will conduct teaching practice in Indonesian school in Bangkok for only 20 days in the middle of august. the place is close to indonesian embassy in petchburi road. do you know the cheap apartment in the petchburi area that accept weekly rental?

    thank you :-)

    • says

      Hi Kuni, glad you’ll be coming to Bangkok. I don’t know any names, but there are many apartments along Petchaburi road, you might take a walk along Pethcaburi Soi 5 – lots of food and lots of accommodation.

  51. says

    Thanks Mark,
    For the useful information.
    I will add you at fb and probably will contact you soon, because I want to come to Thailand in 3 months.
    Meanwhile checking out your website 😉

    • says

      A serviced apartment is basically a fully furnished and immediately livable apartment – it’s kind of like a longterm hotel – though you could probably stay just a few days as well. Some also offer cleaning.

  52. Simon says

    Great article and blog, mister!
    I am looking for a serviced apartment around Silom Area, do you happen to know anything and affordable (thinking about up to 5-6k thb/month) there? I don’t need much extras but it should be nice and clean. I will be doing a three months internship in Bangkok at a law firm starting in September. Am quite excited already!
    Regards Simon

  53. Eugen says

    Can’t confirm the availability of good apartments 1km around Victory Monument nor that it’s a great area to stay.

    Thai gf called up 26 places and always got higher price than on the websites. Cheaper price/Starting price/Not available. That’s what I feel lucky to have found for 6.500 Baht: No window, just enough space for a bed and the shower head above the toilet bowl.

    The area? Frequent foul smell on the streets. Frequent traffic in long narrow streets without pavement. Started to wish for eyes in the back of my head. Just concerete building around. There are street stalls with cheap food but you can find that around nice areas too.

    Ended up near Lumpini Park. Great area. Love it! Not cheap but neither is Victory in walking distance to the BTS.

  54. says

    Hey there, can you please guide me how to find jobs in bangkok? I am not a citizen and would be arriving soon but the problem is that I have no idea about good jobs in the city…so kindly help me in this matter.

  55. Anna says

    Hi Mark, thank you fro tre great blog and advice! I-m reading it thoroughly as I’m coming to Bangkok this fall.
    I have two cats with me. Perchance you know if it if possible to rent a studio where pets are allowed, and what is the best way to search such an option?

    • says

      Hey Anna, glad to hear you’ll be coming to Bangkok. Hmmm, I’m not sure exactly, but I do know that many apartments don’t allow pets… you might just have to walk around and ask certain apartments if they allow pets. All the best!

  56. Dan says

    Hello Mark,

    I’m having trouble finding a budget place to rent in the Banglumpoo area for about 5 weeks starting at the end of September 2013. I live in the far north of Thailand but need to be in Bangkok twice-yearly for studying.

    The problem is that I only need it for a short term but it would be twice a year.
    A guesthouse would suffice but an apartment would be ideal.

    Can you recommend anything?

    Kind regards,

  57. says

    Hi! I am considering Thailand to teach English next year. I am currently in South Korea.
    Loved this post, thank you.

    I wanted to ask you a question, if possible – how much money should I bring with me for my first month before getting paid?

    Do you have any other blog posts about the benefits teaching in Thailand (salary, flight, health insurance) etc? Also, reliable recruiters.

    I hope this post wasn’t off course.


  58. says

    i’m moving to Bangkok soon to look for a teaching post. I will be bringing my border collie dog with me. Can you please advise me where the best area would be to rent an apartment for walking my dog.
    thank you!!

  59. Aby says

    I am from India. Your blog is a great help to us.
    I would like to stay in Bangkok for two months.
    How can I book a furnished studio flat with Kitchen,A/c and Wifi connectivity
    for October 2013 to December 2013?.
    I am coming Bangkok by tourist visa, hence I need to shows details of my stay at Bangkok for two months to apply for tourist Visa from India.
    Please let me know the details

  60. says

    Thanks for this review. I am planing to visit Bangkok this winter. I found a great hotel Miracle Suit (not an advertising) on my last visit in Pattaya. And I am trying now to find something in Bangkok with the same comfort and location. I can’t tell that I need cheap hotel, but I can see that Bangkok is cheaper than Pattaya from your article!

  61. David Self says

    Hey Mark, Nice blog – lots of good information. My question seems to be one not yet ask on you blog. I am a retired, 67 year old gay man moving to Bangkok in January 2014. I am in the 5000thb or less range. Is there an area central that has a larger concentration of gays. I’m not talking about bars (necessarily) or chasing the locals (definitely) but an area where I can meet locals my age for friendship and social interaction. I’m a writer and don’t require much space. With your recommendations I think it possible to eat on the streets pretty much all the time. Is that a correct assumption?

  62. Mr.T says

    If you want to rent a studio-room with bathroom and balcony (no kitchen) for 4,400 THB per month with swimmingpool access and a Gym inside the building, then choose for MT Residence. This is located on 11, Ramkhamhaeng Rd. Soi 42.
    For 4,400 THB you get an aircon, a bed, a mattress, water heater, curtains and a balcony. So you’ll need to buy your own pillows and bedsheeth. There are only very very few “Western” foreigners living here, it is one of the best kept secrets in Bangkok. The only inconvenience might be the difficult access to the BTS line, but there are plenty of taxis around. Restaurants are also available. This is a very “Thai” neighborhood, not so many Farangs around here.

  63. says

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you SO much! The website you gave are SO much better than the one I found myself. Actually the flats on them are really nice and much cheaper than the one I first found!

    Thank you

  64. says

    Hi Marc,

    Thank you for all your advices and the great links.

    I’ve talked to you via youtube. I have a question: My husband and I are moving to Bkk end of this year. He will be working at wattana, sukumvit soi 1. We are looking at a place in this area (or nearby with BTS, as we won’t have a car), but it seems that the prices are high. We are looking for a 2 bedrooms appartment. Do you recommend any area?

    Thank you

    • says

      Hey Lucie, great to hear you’ll be moving to Bangkok. Suk Soi 1 are is quite an expensive area, but there are places to be found if you get into the side streets. You might also try the area around BTS Phaya Thai, there are some good options and might be a little cheaper. Otherwise you could try down the BTS towards On Nut or Punnawithi.

      Hope this helps!

  65. Claudia says

    hey does anyone know a cheap student room close to sukumvit….im moving back to bangkok and im going to be homeless unless i find a room that i can affort

  66. Russell says

    I’m a 66 year old retiree looking to live permantly in Thailand on an Australian pension of about $1,500 a month. Obviously very doable, but I will need good internet, and satelite TV… with satelite TV coverage of Australian dog racing I can earn a regular $1,200 a month if the Satelite TV feed is available.

    So my question is… do you or anyone else know whether Australian horse and dog races are broadcast into Thailand on Sat or cable TV?

  67. says

    Hey Mark, thanks for the quality info you’ve provided. I’m looking to had to Bangkok for a few months and the info on apartments and visas is very helpful. Thank you again!

  68. Jerard says

    I’m moving to Bangkok this month and i need a place to stay (6 months minimum) near Rajadamri Road, Pathumwan where the central world plaza is (can pay maximum of 300$/month), any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  69. says

    Thanks so much for this site, been trawling the web for ages in preperation for my year long sabatical in Feb 2014. I know feel alot more prepared to find somewhere to stay in Bangkok and bieng a lone female traveler thats a blessing. Keep the info coming :)

  70. MSP says

    Hi Mark,

    We are travelling to BKK in last week of December this year. We are 6 families (12 adult + 9 children = 21 in all). We will be in BKK for 5 Nights / 6 Days. We would need either 1 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom (x 6 for each family) or 3 bedroom + 3 bathroom (x 2). Please suggest.

  71. Santosh says

    I am looking for a place on rent for duration of 1+ years starting form 1st Dec 2013

    2 Adult + 1 infant

    Area: Chong nonsi, Sathorn, etc

  72. Ms Bou says

    Hello everybody,

    I would like to say about staying in Thailand, basically contract 1 year with 2 months rental advance + deposit 1 month for moving on!

    BTW another condition you prefer, I have many ranges of monthly so any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  73. says

    thank you for your guide very clearly.
    and i also want to let you or people who intend to come to work and stay in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam and you are going to look for an apartment
    Saigonlease is a company that you can use our services. You do not have to pay any service fee for using our service.

  74. jawad ahmed says

    I am looking for a place on rent for duration of 1 month starting form 1st jan 2014

    2 Adult

    Area: any where in bankok

  75. Karl says

    Hi Mark,

    I’d just like to thank you for your blog and all of your videos. I’m back in the UK at the moment but I will be moving to Bangkok in Feb or Mar 2014. This article will be hugely helpful for when I arrive. I have spent some in time in Thailand already but there are a lot of dishes that I haven’t sampled yet. I will be using your videos as a guide :-) Actually, if you ever need an extra income you should look into being a tour guide. I think you would be great at taking tourists off the beaten track, taking them to markets and sampling the local cuisine. Just a thought.

    Thanks again,

    • says

      Hey Karl, thank you very much and great to hear that you’ll be moving to Thailand soon. I actually have done some food tours in the past in Bangkok, and I do enjoy doing them, but it just depends on my schedule and if I’m in the country (as I still travel outside of Thailand very frequently). I’m thinking perhaps in the future when I’m more stable we might do more tours. Thanks for the tips!

  76. says


    I tried to search an apartment at some sites you said,
    but the rooms were almost unavailable from 2000-4000 THB.

    Is that because of holiday season ?

    I have found 7500 THB one though I’d like to stay at cheaper one.

  77. Norman A. says

    I plan on visiting Bangkok, but my job requires a dependable internet connection for long VOIP calls, which usually means at least a 3 MB down and 1MB upload speed on the internet. How can I get such an internet connection in Bangkok? Would I purchase a 4G modem, or would apartments come with a cable/DSL connection with those speeds?

  78. Isobel says

    This is a very helpful post. Can you offer any advice on suitable areas if you have a dog? Ideally we would like somewhere that has a garden they can exercise in or a park nearby that allows dogs. Many thanks

  79. Amar says

    Hello Mark,

    I am planning to go to Bangkok for 15 days. I am a single traveller. Can you suggest me some decent place centrally located with MRT connections with a small kitchen, gym and pool and places which do not require any deposit.

  80. kiran says

    Dear Sir,

    Next month i am coming to Bangkok, i need a paying guest room. Can you search a room
    rent range from 200 USD to 250 USD. Is it possible to get.

    Mail me kirankumarjp1(at)

  81. sean barr says

    Hey Mark I like what you are doing and I appreciate the time-saving tips for here in Bangkok…one question and could you try to please answer it asap as I am paying to stay in a hotel by the railway station hua lumpong (sic) because I want to have easy quick access to the train to Chiang Mai, if and when I decide to head up there.
    my question is: Can I save even more money by renting an apartment in Chiang Mai and then simply coming down to visit Bangkok on the train whenever the desire strikes my fancy? Since I am a photojournalist /writer (among many other artistic and musical proclivities) and also have my english teachers certificate (in case I run into a problem and am forced to look for work whilst staying in Thailand,) I will be spending allot of time at the keyboard writing my novel(s) and 1 or 2 screenplays which I have been developing for a long time now, it shouldn’t really matter whether I am in Bangkok or Chaing Mai as to how much work I can get finished, so for that matter is there somewhere else I should think about trying to rent a place in? Cheers and could you sen me an email letting me know what part of the world you are in right now? Ta ta
    sean barr

    • says

      Hi Sean, good to hear from you, I’m in Japan at the moment. Chiang Mai would overall usually be cheaper than Bangkok and you should be able to find an apartment there pretty easily. But you can also find affordable places in Bangkok too. So it’s really a matter of your preference. Chiang Mai is a little more country style, not so much of the big city feel. All the best!

  82. Stephanie says

    I’m a writer and most of my job involves me sending manuscripts from home via the internet. Do they have wi-fi availability in apartments? That would be my main concern. Also are Thai apartments pet friendly? I have a bunny. :) Lastly, do they know any English? I don’t know a shred of Thai. I’d be worried about getting lost. :) Thanks for all your advice! You’re a gem!

    • says

      Hey Stephanie, good to hear you’re thinking about moving to Thailand. Wi-fi is just about always available at apartments in Bangkok now, you won’t have a problem.

      Pet friendly, not all of them, you’ll have to check around. And as for English, if you’re right in the middle of town, some of receptionists will speak a bit of English, but you can’t really count on it. I think you should be able to communicate though using writing and hand communication. Do you have any Thai friends contacts?

  83. Michael says

    Hey man! Great article!

    What about bringing durian into the apartment? Are some places ok with it, while others not? Is it very difficult? No problem at all? Do you have to smuggle it in?

    Important factor!


    • says

      Hey Michael, I love the way you’re thinking! I’ve had no problem bringing durian into my apartment rooms… but I would normally just bring it up in a bag, and then slice it up on my balcony. I think the majority of Thais don’t mind at all, but just the transportation and hotels really mind. You’re fine!

  84. Jake says

    Hi Mark, I’m looking to rent a place as close to Nana as possible. Budget is around 4000 to 7000 baht per month. Do you think victory monument is the closest place in my range, or do you know of an even closer area that fits my budget?

    • says

      Hey Jake, you might try wandering around Petchaburi road as well, or Ratchada. Victory Monument might also have a few choices in that budget range. All the best!

  85. Brett says

    Hi Mark,

    Good read,I plan on checking out some of your other articles.

    I have checked the links in the article and tried to read through some comments (not iphone friendly) but couldn’t find an answer.

    I’m not sure if you know or not – but is there a good website tht you know to book a month -1.5 month stays in lamai beach, koh samui area. I have been unable to find much as of yet.

    Thanks !

    • says

      Thank you very much Brett! You know, I’m really not sure of a resource for something like that, especially a local resource. Have you done any searches on or ?

  86. Amer says

    Hi guys
    I’m coming to Bangkok next December and staying for 2month
    What is my cheapest option with apartment for 2months looking for something’s clean and near from MRT or BTS doesn’t mater where .

  87. Howard says

    My wife and I are seriously thinking about residing in the Bangkok area for 1-2 months. We would like to know if you have any suggestions as to the best way to obtain a two bedroom apartment or condo. We don’t want to live in the downtown area. However, we do want to live in an area that has good transportation. We don’t speak Thai. Is there a translation service we can contact to assist us when we check apartments. Your help is appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Howard, good to hear from you. Do you have time to search once you arrive (which I would recommend, so you can get a feel for the city and location), or are you trying to find somewhere before you arrive? For just 1 – 2 months, it’s tougher as many local condos require 3 – 6 month contracts. You could try searching on sites like or for a place and perhaps make a deal with someone, or search for serviced apartments on the sites mentioned in this article. All the best!

  88. Juna says

    Hi! :) I just recently came across your blog. :) I am 29 years old from Philippines and I will be moving to Thailand on the 25th. I will be alone and Im desperately looking for a cheap place to stay, something like yours which is only around 2000baht a month. May I know where it is? Also, do they allow a month stay only? As I am planning to move to another country after a month in Thailand. thanks!

    • says

      Hey Juna, good to hear from you. Will you be sharing with anyone? 2000 by yourself is pretty low, the conditions won’t be very good, and you’ll probably have to sign a 6 month contract with 3 months down payment. Look in some areas outside of town, maybe about Mo Chit or Bang Na. All the best.

      • Juna says

        Hi mark! Thanks for that. :) actually, i will be alone. I saw a room at 9apartment which is only around 2500baht a month and it is in ladprao. But i dont know if it would be in a fairly good condition or not. The photos look promising though. :) i’d try to look into bangna too. Thanks again!

  89. SASAN says

    HI Mark
    tnx alot for this page , i am planing to go to bangkok soon .actually i was model and now i accepted by some modeling agencies in bangkok and i have to be there in next month but right now i am less bugget so i just needed to get some helpful info about renting home in bangkok with minimum price monthly and you just shared that info with complete detail . tnx alot man .also i need to ask one more question , mark do you advice which area i can find studio type with 3000 or 3500 per months close to train which can transfer me to central city . also i saw that photo you took from inside your room , is it possible to find that kind of room with my price ?

    • Juna says

      Hi sasan! Seems we both have the same issue with regards to rent here. You may want to share a flat? I am planning to spend a month in bangkok only though. But we can help each other lower down the deposit by splitting it up. They usually ask for 1 month advance and 1 month deposit, so when you arrive you’d have to pay double. It will be good for you to start with the apartment and good for me for a month stay. If you dont mind. :) here’s my email – Hit me up. :)

    • says

      Hey Sasan, good to hear from you, glad this article is helpful. You might try searching around BTS Mo chit, or BTS Wong Wiang Yai, or MRT Lat Prao. You should be able to find something for that price range as long as you commit to the 3 – 6 month contract.

  90. Naba El-Kaaby says


    Thank you so much for all those great, detailed information.
    I am coming to Thailand with my husband and a 1 and 1/2 year old daughter for only 1 month. I want a room in Bangkok just for one month? We can pay from 10000-25000BHT.
    But how about the deposit?

    Kind Regards


    • says

      Hi Naba, you’re welcome, glad this is useful. For you budget you should have no problems, but for just 1 month you should probably look into options for “serviced apartments” – then you don’t have to worry about deposits of anything. All the best.

  91. says

    Hey Mark,

    Just wondering if you have any suggestions for apartment to rent in the sukhumvit area? will probably need two aoartments with 3 bedrooms each for a 4 day stay in bangkok in Oct. any help would be appreciated.


    • says

      Hi Ian, good to hear from you. I’m not sure of any specific places, but you’ll only need them for 4 days? It will probably be best to search for serviced apartments, or do some searching on sites like or All the best.

  92. says

    Hey Mark…you do great work. Trisha and I started making travel vids (BKK) many years ago. I first visited Thailand in 1975. That makes me really old now. I really like the specificity of your blog….very useful to us and a lot of others I’m sure. keep up the good work. We have been staying in the Bangna area every time we come to BKK but were finally thinking of branching out….Yes I know it sounds like we’ve been unimaginative and lazy….which is somewhat true. We found your blog in our search. Good stuff…thx again. We are Canadian snowbirds who have wintered away for 6 mos of the year over the past 20 years. We recently spent three years in Texas….but that’s another story.

    • says

      Hey J, thank you for stopping by and for sharing, and nice to see your videos as well. Is that Bang Chak Market on you channel? Bang Na is a good area, though it is nice to switch around, and be able to get to know more areas of Bangkok – and discover the food in a new part of the city. Thanks again for reading!

  93. meenuka says

    “mgk restaurant” pure veg -free wifi
    164/19 soi puttha osot
    mahaesak road
    you can see board written as
    mgk restaurant -pure veg restaurant
    inside soi just go ahead of k apartment
    nice place to stay room very cheap only 450 thb per day ac room all facilities
    nice tasty food and relex atmosphere , at the street of temples

  94. Mahmud Agina says

    Hi Mark,
    Good article really good indeed!
    We are family of 4 persons: me, my wife and 2 kids (14 and 9 years),
    Will come to Bangkok next 5th of August 2014,
    And ‘ll stay till the end 30 of August, about 24 days …
    Please if possible we need one apartment fully furniture of 2 bed rooms
    Where ‘ll find an area safe and available with some Arabic restaurant, foods

  95. jaswinder singh says

    great site thank mark wiens . you realy doing great job.
    we doing business so your information is good for me . thank you again .

  96. L says

    Great post. Any advice on finding somewhere cheaper than paying a daily rate if I want to stay for 1-2 months, like maybe a monthly rate somewhere?

  97. Charles says

    Hi Mark, Wow what a lot of info on your blog. Thank you.
    My wife and family of three, 7 years, 5 years and 2 years are moving to Bangkok in September 2014 to live for at least a year. We are looking to rent an apartment in the Sukumvit area, Thonglor BTS station proximity. or Rama 4./Klong Toey area.
    Ideally we would like a 3 bed apartment (byyt a 2 bed will suffice) that is child friendly, with swimming pool etc. We need reliable internet and a/c. Ideal budget is 30-35K max baht. Do you know what is it like to rent houses a little farther out towards the airport? Is travel back into Sukumvit area a lot of hassle, time and cost?
    If we were to have any health problems, is health care expensive in Bangkok?
    Thanks a heap. Keep up the good work.

    • says

      Hi Charles, nice to hear you’ll be moving to Bangkok for a year. For 30-35K per month, you should definitely be able to rent a quite nice condo in the areas you mentioned. For a house, further out, it can be a pain to come into the city everyday. Main way to get in from a place like Bang Na would be taxi or bus (unless you stay around Bearing, where you could catch the BTS). Out in Bang Na you could get a nice house for that budget, a full compound. For healthcare, there are many good hospitals, and the prices are much cheaper than they would be in a western country. I’m not sure of specifics, but healthcare is very good. All the best with the move.

  98. Sammy says

    Hi Mark,

    This is VERY helpful. Thank you for sharing. Me and my partner, plus 2 young boys aged 5 and 2, are planning to move outside of the Philippines. We get 30 days visa-free visit to Thailand. The cost of living is just really appealing, and I would just like to say that this post of yours further affirms our thoughts of moving there.

    I work online as a web designer and developer. I am not sure how to get a work visa though but will Google that instead.

    Right now, would you know approximately how much I need to bring with me to start a new life in Thailand? We live very simply, and even a 2 bedroom flat with no extra facilities are okay.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • says

      30 days on a tourist visa isn’t enough to qualify for a work permit. To begin you’ll need original documents regarding your professional qualifications and references from past employers. Your prospective employer will make the application on your behalf. Thailand has tightened up visa regulations on ‘tourists’ and would be ‘temporary workers’. A frugal farang family of four could live reasonably well in a smaller city like Chonburi with a better lifestyle than in BKK. However, BKK neighborhoods like Lad Prao are cheaper for rent and offer reasonably good lifestyle options…as they cater primarily to working class Thai…and rents are more reasonable than other ‘farang’ neighborhoods like Thong Lor or Ekamai. Good luck with the kiddies. I home schooled my son while traveling in Asia….it’s challenging. International schools are very expensive.

      • Sammy says

        Thanks so much for your reply, J! Yeah, I was wondering what other options I have since the husband I have no plans of working local in Thailand as we’re doing quite okay working remotely. A visa run every 30 days can be quite tiring. Hmm. This is more challenging than I thought!

        Thank you for your suggestions. I will take a look and also check out our other options. Every 30 days seem stressful, 60-90 days would have been ideal.

        • says

          A visa run every 30 days with two kids probably would be a bit challenging. Also, the Thai government has changed the rules on easy entrance/exit thirty day and two week visa runs, limiting entry to two entries every six months. You should really look into that. BTW Malaysia has just started doing the same thing. It used to be possible to stay the allowed 30 days and do a visa run to Thailand…but no more….after one extension….you’re refused entry. I know people who have lived in Penang for years who have been refused and given 14 days to ‘get their affairs in order’ and get out.

          Many people are being disallowed entry after their second extension depending on nationality. There were a lot of undesirables entering the country and scamming waiter/bartender jobs and the like. Much the same as they cracked down on the ‘Teaching English’ route for unqualified teachers….some stayed for several years doing fourteen day visa runs from Phuket, Pattaya or BKK…..and demanding formal documents of qualification and references from past employers. Sigh…..the good old days are coming to an end.

          They are now applying pressure to anyone who wants to live in Thailand without a proper resident visa. You might consider applying for the Multiple Entry Visa that gives you the option of two and three month stays with visa runs every sixty days. Might I ask what kind of remote work you do? And……good luck.

          • Sammy says

            Hi J,

            Yes, I think the one year multiple entry visa makes more sense. I am a web designer and developer, and would really like to check out how it is living outside Manila for a change. It is just getting much too expensive and inconvenient where we are, plus the pollution and all that.

            I hope we get qualified for the one year multiple entry visa. I tried looking for more information online but no clear qualifications or requirements are stated.

            Thanks again, J!

          • says

            Sorry Sammy…the multiple entry ( double entry-triple entry) visa is only six months. Anything longer ( one year renewable is the max for all categories) is a different category of either work or residency. An ‘O’ visa is a designed for foreigner retiree’s… have to be ( one of you has to be) 50 years or older. To qualify you have to have either a registered pension income of 80,000 Baht per month….or be able to put up a 150,000 Baht bond ( zero interest). Even so you have to report to the Tambon ( local) police station every 90 days to confirm your address and bank balance status.

            BKK can also be too expensive and the pollution, depending on where you live can be extreme. But, we find it very creative and chaotic…..and that’s what we like. I write novels and my wife is a video editor and we commute . BKK is a lovely place when the weather is fine ( November to March) … less frantic than Manilla……like having ones head in a blender. For many it’s a love hate type relationship. Good luck.

  99. says

    Hey Mark. I wonder if you have any specific recommendations for us.

    We’ll be arriving in Bangkok Sept 29 and are looking, for now, to stay 2 months in Bangkok. We’ll be looking for something in the 11,000 – 20,000 THB category; something nice, good location (street food, nightlife), with a kitchen, gym and pool. We’re both working from a distance so we’re in the apartment a lot; we need something comfortable and strong wifi a priority. And location because when we finish working, which can be late in evening, we want to be in the thick of things and not have to take the metro or skytrain.
    I’ve been to Bangkok several times and I was thinking somewhere in the Sukhumvit area would be good. Without specific recommendations I was thinking of renting a place on Airbnb for our first 10 days…and looking around for a furnished apartment during that time which is less expensive (I find Airbnb expensive – browsing around I’m seeing US 700-1000 for a nice apartment. I’d like to be in the $600 range…).

    But I was wondering if you had any specific recommendations? I notice that short-term rentals apartments often operated by certain buildings and browsing through photos hard to know what is nice. Our one Airbnb rental in Montreal looked good on paper but ended up being a disappointment.

    Met Ivanna and Gianni at Nomad is Beautiful the other day (we’ve been in Prague for a couple of months and they’ve also been spending time here). They mentioned having met you. Maybe we’ll have the opportunity to meet you during our stay in Bangkok? We look forward to trying out some of your food recommendations :)

    Any recommendations greatly appreciated!
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • says

      Hey Frank, great to hear you’ll be coming to Bangkok for a few months. Glad that you met up with Ivanna and Gianni, yah maybe we can connect when you’re here.

      As for apartments, probably a good idea is to stay in a hotel / Airbnb for a few night to try and explore a bit. As for areas, somewhere along Sukhumvit, you might try Thong Lor area, or another area that has many apartments and street food is Ari, a bit further north. I’m not sure of any specific places to rent, though I know for that amount you will find plenty. The only thing is that many places will charge more for just a 2 month stay.

      Looking forward to connecting with you more.

      • says

        Thanks Mark, really appreciate. I’ll focus on those two areas when we arrive. Had never heard of Ari but just looked it up and sounds like a trendy new area.
        Yes, I figure we’ll pay a bit more for 2 months. We’re just not sure at this point how long we want to commit to Bangkok. Having a good time in Europe for the time being – I think we’ll make our decisions when we have our feet on the ground.
        Thanks again!
        Frank (bbqboy)

        • says

          Hi Frank…I might suggest you stay closer to downtown if you’re coming for such a short time. It would be much more convenient and accessible to do the things people want to do when they power through BKK. The usual guide books like Moon and Lonely Planet have many tried and true listings for places that cater to tourists staying a few weeks in the areas along the river between Bang Rak and Khao San Rd. Thonglor and Ekamai are really not ‘active’ in the way you might want if you to socialize and want to get all the sights in without a lot of travel . These outer areas don’t have a lot of action, or cafe’s etc and they get pretty quiet at night.

          You might find BKK a bit subdued this time of year anyway with all the rain. The southern islands aren’t great when it rains either. The monsoon around BKK won’t lift until late November and there’s flooding north of the city including Ayyuthya. You might want to spread your time around elsewhere..trains are cheap. Slightly better weather in Chiang Mai and Chonburi this time of year….but it’s still very wet all over. It will be cool up north…yen sabai they call it….and foggy in the passes. Enjoy.

          • says

            Hi J – thank you for taking the time to write that. I’ve been through Bangkok 3 times but never for a long period and never this time of year. Good to know about the flooding. Ultimately we’ll probably spend a while in Chiang Mai but are avoiding it until the new year (in-law reasons).

            I always have a hard time deciding what part of town to stay in: First couple of visits I stayed along the river (around Khao San) but thought it was a bit inconvenient transport-wise.
            I thought Sukhumvit because of the transport & nightlife. I remember the area around Nana station was quite bustling. The last time we went, 4 years ago, we stayed around the Patpong area (Bang Rak?) and also found that bustling plus with easy access to the river on the skytrain. I thought that was pretty ideal for us but don’t know about short-term rentals in that area.
            Appreciate any recommendations!
            Thanks again,

          • says

            Hey Frank…I find the Chao Phraya ferries ( take the orange flags for the coolest rides) and the cross town canal boats ( Sanam Luang) the easiest ways to get around BKK. If you have a Thai wife then you’ll have no problem finding your way around. A great cross town bus…( although it may take 2.5 hrs or more) is the cheapest tour in the city. Stop at Erawan Shrine for the cool vibe ( Ratchadhamri) and have a great lunch at Central Malls fantastic roof top food courts across the street. The #25 will take you all the way down Sukhumvit to Charoen Krung ..through China Town and into Khao San…Kind of like taking the slow boat to China. Patpong and Nana Districts are definatley not something you want to expose your family to. For a great old fashioned experience try this….although functionally beat…it’s real history and in a great area.


            Or the Rambuttri Village adjacent to Khao San Rd….good roof top pool…fairly reasonable.

  100. Nao says

    I am staying in Bkk now. But I need to change to another one. I am a Japanese female traveler and need a room from end of September to middle of November near Sukhumvit. I looked for one day. But it is a little bit expensive ( more than 10000 B) So if you have some recommend, please let me know. Thank you.

    • says

      Dear Nao….Have you tried the Chaiyapruk Mansion on Sukhumvit Soi 65? It’s basic…. studio rooms. No pool or other amenities. Decent food in the Soi early morning and at night. Quaint little Soi with a few basic shops. Quiet location…..down the Soi far enough to be away from the street noise. I stayed there for 6 months years ago and found it convenient and the area to be pleasant. It has always been popular with Japanese students and teachers. Good luck

  101. john says

    hi mate,
    This is a really nice blog. i like the good old american ‘can do’. i am an aussie who wants to retire in thai. i have about 15 months to go until i get the pension. i have been to bkk a few times and love it like a second home. the thais are so positive and gentle if you behave yourself. i love your idea of food writing. i have written quite a few books, but only recently got into food. what you are doing is great. keep going.


      • John says

        No I haven’t started food writing. I meant it had never occurred to me as a thing before. I wrote and published a book called Perfumed Skies Silken Women after a trip to Thailand in 2006. I indi-published it on In all I wrote nine books during that writing spree. Presently I am in a different space.
        I am going to read your food writing and find out if it is something I could do. I don’t have a blog.
        Anyway, thanks for your kind reply. Keep up the good vibe.

  102. Ira says

    Hi mark! Thank you for the excellent article! Have a question. How do you make sure that the exit will return the Deposit?

    • says

      Hi Ira, thank you very much, glad this is helpful. As for deposit, you do sign a contract at the beginning when you rent your apartment, but then I guess you just have to trust a bit – and make sure you go through everything and if there are little paint spots missing on the wall, or things broken, walk through with the apartment owner and have them note that on the contract. If everything is as you came, when you leave, there should be no problems getting your deposit back. I haven’t had a problem so far.

  103. Mike Michaels says

    Hi Mark,Thanks for all the great info, I’m wondering if it’s still possible to live comfortably now with $300 a month and does that also apply to other parts of the country, being told that Bangkok is more expensive for rentals, also how does effect your budget with frequent border runs and visa renewals?

    Best, Mike

  104. Mike Michaels says

    Hi Mark,Thanks for all the great info, I’m wondering if it’s still possible to live comfortably now with $300 a month and does that also apply to other parts of the country, being told that Bangkok is more expensive for rentals, also, how does it effect your budget with frequent border runs and visa renewals?

    Here in Mexico visas have to be renewed every six months, I’ve been leaving/re-entering to Guatemala usually the same day for years sometimes paying a little extra for the convenience, how does it work there, can i keep going back and forth?

    Best, Mike

    • J West says

      Hey Mike…. you can’t say comfortable and $300 in the same sentence without laughing. It’s a bit more complicated if you want basic amenities.

      • Mike Michaels says

        Hi J, Thanks, Right,….barely scraping by is probably the more accurate way of putting it then. so with $500 I wouldn’t be in too much pain?

        Cheers, Mike

        • J West says

          You can get by minimally with $500 for sure. ….but don’t expect a pool or washing machine in the bldg. The less expensive condo’s don’t have the reverse osmosis water dispensers…so you’ll have to hump your own ( heavy) water home to use. Decor will be very basic at the 3000 to 6000 Baht p/m level…..basic.

          You’ll get a fridge but the old ones are electricity pigs and can be costly to let run 24/7. Same with the old air con units…..can sound like aircraft taking off, makes it hard to enjoy. Also…some of the older bldgs have bigger bug problems depending…so expect a few giant roaches at the low rent level. You get what you pay for in Thailand…like anywhere.

          There will be some up front costs if you want an internet modem ( which has to be purchased…cost is currently 4000 Baht for a 3G set top box) …very few long term rentals have free Wi FI. Landlord must make the application to TOT as you are farang…..same if you’d want an apt telephone and TV cable.

          Many apts have separate water and electricity meters, that will cost depending on your usage. You might want light, fan, air con and communication, depending. Don’t forget you have to come up with 1st, last and a security deposit…so….3 months in advance…pretty standard these days. Hope that helps. Enjoy.

          • Mike Michaels says

            Hi J, Yes that sure does give us a better idea, makes Mexico sound like fantasy Island,(almost) ha ha,..(even though I’m always a couple hundred over budget here.)
            Nothing or nowhere’s perfect I know, and Thailand sounds like the new experience I may be looking for.

            Thanks so much !!!

    • says

      Hi Mike (thanks also to J West for all the input). $300 is still possible, especially on the more outskirts parts of Bangkok, and also in smaller towns throughout Thailand. It really depends on what comfort is for you – for $300 it will be very basic, and not include much – but yah for about $500 you can take a nice step up.

      Visa runs and renewals can really add up. I formerly used to apply for at a Thai embassy outside of Thailand for a 2 month double entry visa (I think about $80). So I would get 2 months on first entry, then you can extend at immigration for 1 month ($60) – so that would be 3 months, then leave the country and come back (can be just across the border and back), to activate the second entry, which can also be extended for 1 month at immigration for $60. So then the other expenses are just depending on where you travel.

      All the best with the move to Thailand.

  105. Ada alvarez says

    Hi Mark.
    My name is Ada Alvarez, I from mexico,and I live in Miami, I was in Thailand 3 years hago and I am in love with that country, I always say that if I move from Miami it’s has to be to Thailand, i have been traveling to many places, but Thailand was the best place I have been.
    I just want to say thank you for helping everybody around the world with your knowledge and tips. I just read all your post, and I am surprised that you take the time to answer every body’s letters, you have a great blog and very help full,
    Hope you have a great night,

    • says

      Hey Ada, great to hear from you, glad that you love Thailand as well. Thank you very much for your kind words, that’s what keeps me inspired and encouraged, so I really appreciate it. Hope you’re doing well, and hope you can come back to Thailand again soon!

  106. Amy says

    Hi mark
    Great site.
    I did Phuket 4 months and heading back.
    First I want to go to Bangkok.
    I want to stay near new Muay Thai gym for training.
    P.K. Saechai new gym.
    Do you know what area that is in?
    Would like to be able to walk to gym.
    Just not sure what part of BKK.
    Thank you.
    Have a beautiful day :-)

    • says

      Hi Amy, glad that you are coming to Bangkok. As for muay Thai gyms, I’m not really sure about many of the, but do you have any in mind? I would choose your gym first, then walk around and try to find some suitable accommodation in the area. All the best.

  107. gezginrocker says

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks a lot for the great info. I’m in Bkk now and looking for a place. I want my room to be modern, not old. I have found a place near On Nut BTS called KV Mansion. It is 8000 month, and if you are on a 1 year contract you get TV/fridge for free. Do you know any other alternatives on 7-8000 baht range? Or should I check Ari area for better deals?


    • says

      Have you done any walking around the On Nut area? I think you’ll find others in that price range as well. Other than that, you could also check around Phra Khanong and even more towards Udon Suk as well. All the best!

  108. Noah says

    Hey Mark – thanks for this article, got a lot out of it. If I show up in Bangkok on the 1st or the 2nd of the month, do you think I’ll be able to find a service apartment to rent for the month, or would you advise arriving on the 30th or 31st in order to get the monthly rate?


    • says

      Hey Noah, glad this is helpful. For serviced apartments, they should normally be able to rent starting any day, not just at the beginning of months – I think most places you’ll be fine and get a better rate as long as you stay a full 30 days.

  109. John says

    Hi Mark,

    Really nice site this thank you for providing such good information!!

    Luckily I can read Thai (but not necessarily understand every word in reading).

    My wife for 12 years now is from Buriram in the Isaan.

    I am looking to semi-retire from engineering this September with a plan to spend 6 months in the UK summer working and 6 months in BKK during the UK colder darker winter.

    I often stay up Ratchadaphisek in the Chaophya Park hotel mainly because it is not noisy in the hotel rooms with tourists (unlike scum-vit hotels!!) it is more of an Asian business hotel.

    But next door, I made some enquiries at a more basic hotel but with nice clean quiet rooms with view to long term stays. They said it would be 10,000 THB / month.

    Quite acceptable as it also includes breakfast!!

    All I want to do is train hard in Lumpini park, I’m sure you have seen the out.door gym their….

    And do some study during the day in a nice coffee shop.

    As with you Mark, I have simple pleasures that don’t require too much money.


  110. greg field says

    Can anyone advise me where I can look for a two month rental in Bangkok, hopefully near BTS or MRB December 1 2015 to January 31? Thank you, khap khun kup

    • says

      Greg…plenty of Air B&B’s available for very short terms where you pay by the day with no lease and no obligations. Probably a lot better way to go for someone staying as short a time as you are. BEWARE…There are so many nasty scams going on these days by property managers looking for naive foreigners to sign leases.

      They will ask you first months rent, last months rent and TWO MONTHS ‘security deposit. The scam will end up in your losing your entire security deposit. This could cost you thousands….there is no recourse….they will steal your money. They have told people ‘you brought termites into the building’….ants…..stained the underside of the mattress…worn out the shower connections….scratched the concrete….all BS!!@!

      This scam is increasingly common…as if property managers are teaching other property managers to rip off unsuspecting renters. They will usually string you along until the day you are scheduled to leave…and then tell you they won’t return your money…none of it. I have heard from people who were threatened with having the police called on them if they complained.

      Two of the worst offenders that I know of are BKK Realty at the Bangna Complex Residential Building at 947 Bangna Trad Rd Soi 25 Bangna Trad. This is located in Bangna East Bangkok. The property managers there have many complaints from foreigners over a wide range of issues. Although they advertise, make all kinds of promises…avoid these people like the plague. They are practiced sharks just waiting to rip you off.

      The second building that has many complaints is the Srinakarin Parkland Complex on Srinakarin Road. Management there has refused to return the deposits of exiting foreigners and has legal cases lodged against it for the sleazy practice.

      unfortuneatley the Thais don’t care. Ripping off foreigners is a national past time and they will rip you off every chance they get. Crime is growing exponentially in Thailand so watch out….all the time…keeps your eyes open and your hand on your wallet. SIGN NO LEASES !!!!! Move around…see the city…..I suggest using Air B&B and avoiding the sleazy property management industry.

  111. Virginie says

    I just love your blog !!!! Thank you for al this usefull information.
    We’re planning to move to Thailand next year.

  112. Don says

    About electric, paying directly to the government, here is my experience :

    1 person, studio 40sqm with a fan 18h/day and computer on 14h/day : 600-800THB/month
    1 person, 1 bedroom condo 45sqm with 18h/day air con and computer on 14h/day : 1500-2000THB/month
    4-5 persons, in medium sized house (many things using electric running) : 10-12 000THB/month

    • J West says

      It’s best to acclimate to the temperature and humidity so that you don’t need to over use air con and fans. When you’re in your condo…live naked…and use cooling powder like the Thai’s do.

      We see more people getting sick from constant air con. I don’t bother surfing the net for news from ‘home’……I don’t want to know…that’s why I live in Thailand. Turn your computer off.

      We go out and stay early morning till after dark and hang in malls, parks and pools. Our power bills are always less than B600 a month ( $20) for a 1600 sq ft two bedroom…and we never cook. Good luck.

  113. Ayet says

    Hi Mark,

    I’m planning to go to Bangkok for some beauty regimen. Can you recommend the best Doctor to do eye bag removal and nose job? And I’m planning to pig out. :) Where is the best street food and how much do they cost? Range at least. I love spicy food. What are the food that you can recommend? Any that’s your favorite. I want to try it. Also how much is body massage? Range pls. And lastly, I heard about the detox. Where can I have that? Do you have any idea how much it will cost me? Thank you so much. This inspires me more to go to Bangkok. Best luck to you always.

    • J West says

      The best ‘bet’ for reliable medical surgery is the Bumrangran Hospital. Thailand is a land of many variables in standards…and you don’t want to find out the hard way that no one takes legal or practical responsibility if anything goes wrong. There are virtually no laws that will back you up as a ‘farang’ if you choose the wrong surgeon. Thailand is also the land of ripping off tourists….literally on every level…expect they will quote you double and triple for everything…and give you half the service you contract for. If I were advising my wife about this matter…I would say avoid the third world altogether for such an important procedure….I repeat….they have no reliable legal standards and Thais make a national joke out of how they rip off and disrespect foriegners.

  114. nathaniel says

    hi im looking for an apartment single room 9 we will be a couple) in the pratunam area as we intend to do business by purcahsing from the whoslesale market and sending it abroad. can you give me an idea. thanks

    • J West says

      Hey Nat…..I’ve been in and out of Thai for business and pleasure for over 40 years…and let me give you some free advice…the first thing you want to do is stop announcing on the internet that your intention is to “do business in the wholesale market and ship overseas” .

      If you’re coming into Thailand on a tourist visa for business don’t also provide your address where to find you while doing an illegal activity. That’s a good way to get deported…after you spend a few months in jail and paying a sizable fine. Seriously….you’re fresh meat to the Thai police. Don’t be surprised if your property manager or new friends in the wholesale market sell you to the police for the bounty.

      Second…..if your ‘exporting’ is consistent you will be asked for your license and tax numbers….whether through the post office or companies like DHL or Fed Ex. which can only be had with a business visa. A lot of people get caught up in the same fantasy. If you have friends who sent home a package or two that’s one thing…to do otherwise is to run the risk of detention. Bribery might get you through for a short time…but will become increasingly expensive over time.

      I’ve even known people posting a lot of You Tube video’s and ‘travel video’s of the night life being arrested for not having a business visa because they are engaged in a commercial activity producing ‘documentaries’. You can get away with these things for a while…..but your first interaction with the Thai police will be a guaranteed bummer. Not having the proper visa in Thailand is considered a really serious issue. The Thai police will make any excuse to shake the money tree….that’s you by the way.

      However….do what you will… might be the lucky one out of the thousands who’ve done exactly what you want to do. I would recommend the Chaiyapruk Mansion on Soi 65 Sukhumvit…….cheap and cheerful holiday flats.

  115. Thomas says


    Great website! I like the fact that everything you write is very concise. It is really useful. I am currently residing in Bangkok and I have hunted for a studio myself.

    My experience:

    I am a little surprised by your budget. In my experience everything is significantly more expensive. And I am a cheap charlie. I tried to find a studio for about 5,000 a month near Victory Monument. I visited lots of places, but there are hardly any studio rooms on offer for less than 6,000 a month and most places offer very basic rooms for 7,000 and up. I pay more than 7,000 for my studio now. It’s a nice place but I’d love to find something cheaper in a couple of months. My Thai friends say finding something for less than 6,000 is close to impossible.

    I stayed at one place during my first two months in Bangkok and I was shocked by the energy bill. Over 1500 per month! I hardly used the air-conditioning, never watched TV, did not use a fan. I hope my energy bill will be lower this time. I heard many people complain about this. Lots of farang pay 2,000 on electricity every month.

    Some budget tips for people who would like to stay in Thailand for a long time. Do not forget about these monthly costs:
    – Health insurance (+ $25-35)
    – Getting a haircut and going to the dentist once or twice a year (+$15-35)
    – Saving up for your trip home (+ $90-150) *for people who work in BKK
    – Saving up a little bit every month to make sure that you can buy a new electronic device like a phone, notebook, headphone or whatever that will break down one day (+$25-50)
    – Visa costs and your visa run (price of your trip+visa+extensions) (+$58-75)
    – Buying items like clothes (+ $5-50)

    + A minimum of $220 but I would say 350 is more realistic.

    Love your website! Keep up the good work

  116. MJ says

    Hey Mark,

    My partner just moved to Bangkok. We are currently living in the Bang Sue area. We are more interested in living in the city. I saw your recommendations around Shukamvit. What do you think about Sathorn?


  117. Dorsoduro says

    Thanks for help on renting apt. I’ve visited many times but never stayed. This time I need to stay. I go the July 2015. My French friend who lived there also told me the best way is to walk around and ask the building reception. I prefer the Simon area over Sukhumvit so I will try this method and report.

    • J West says

      Most areas have at least some buildings with a minimal internet presence. The ones that don’t likely speak no English. You must be referencing ‘Silom’…instead of ‘Simon’. Be very careful who you’re dealing with…Thai property managers love to rip you off for your ‘security deposit’.

  118. Elizabeth says

    Hey Mark,

    Awesome Blog! I recently found out about it while searching for apartment suggestions in Bangkok. I am going to start studying as an international student at Thammasat University, come August, and I was wondering if you had any neighborhood suggestions.

    I am also wondering if you know how easy it is to travel from thailand to other nearby countries?

    Any advice would be awesome! :)

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth, thank you very much, and great to hear you’ll be coming to Bangkok soon. Will you be at the Thammasat campus in Tha Thien? If you can find a place in that area to stay, or maybe across the river around Wang Lang, that would be best. I think it will really be beneficial if you can stay somewhere close – and that area of Bangkok is the old part of Bangkok and I really like the area. For traveling to nearby countries is very convenient. There are lots of budget flights, and buses as well. How long will you be studying in Bangkok?


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  2. […] Mark’s blog over at migrationology gave us some idea as to which areas to look at.  Our main criteria were to be within an easy walk from the BTS (skytrain) so we could quickly get into the city, but also a place that had thai food nearby (not that difficult!), and comfortable with at least a separate lounge area (ie, not a studio).  We started at the area surrounding the Victory Monument BTS station, which is a few stops north of the CBD, maybe around 3-5km. […]

  3. […] Mark’s blog over at migrationology gave us some idea as to which areas to look at.  Our main criteria were to be within an easy walk from the BTS (skytrain) so we could quickly get into the city, but also a place that had thai food nearby (not that difficult!), and comfortable with at least a separate lounge area (ie, not a studio).  We started at the area surrounding the Victory Monument BTS station, which is a few stops north of the CBD, maybe around 3-5km. […]

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