Photo Favorite: Chaos at the Long Bien Market

Chaos at the Long Bien Market

Chaos at the Long Bien Market

Chaos would be an understatement when referring to the Long Bien wholesale market in Hanoi.

The central distribution of fruits and vegetables for much of Hanoi begins at Long Bien at about midnight and continues until around 6 am the next morning. For those 6 hours the entire scene is a straight up fight of trucks, packed out motorcycles and infinite humans armed with pushcarts and double basket carriers.

It’s hard to even walk through Long Bien market without a few scares of being hit.

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    • says

      Thanks Julia – it really was insane, I nearly caused some serious accidents trying to walk through this one… and then I decided to just stand aside and watch from a distance.

  1. says

    They say a picture speaks thousand words. This picture you posted shows how chaotic the market it. But market are supposed to be chaotic, isn’t it?

  2. Ynna says

    Hi Mark! i agree with that chaotic markets are much more entertaining and lots of exciting thing to buy. Thanks for the post!

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