Photo Favorite: The Narrow Escape of a Spanking at a Burmese Market

Kids Escaping a Spanking at a Burmese Market

The Narrow Escape of a Spanking at a Burmese Market

I’m going to start 2012 off with not only just a “Photo Favorite,” but one of my all-time favorite photos.

The photo is not the highest quality, in fact, the situation arised so rapidly that I had zero time to change the settings on my camera but had to just release the shutter and see what happened.

A few mischievous kids were running around Thiri Mingalar market in Yangon, Myanmar when they climbed into a man’s truck – he wasn’t happy.

I remember the entire scene, the sound of the man’s yell and the screech of the kids’ scream.

This is a market scene I’ll remember forever, even without the photo.

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      Yah, it happens so fast that unless you are waiting around for hours for something like it to happen, you’ll never be in a perfect position for the shot – but when you get it by chance it’s always fun!

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    Kids the world over are highly experienced at being naughty and escaping the consequences. The kids in your photo look really cute and cheeky…and like they’ve completely outwitted their would-be spanker. :) Happy 2012 to you, Mark.

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    great photo… got to love the cheeky look on the kids face. it goes to show: Kids will be kids! when was this picture taken by the way? have you been to burma recently after the release of Aung San Suu Kyi? Burma is probably one of those countries i’m dying to see!

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