Photo Favorite: Kenyan Style Slush Bhajias

Kenyan Style Slush Bhajias

Kenyan Style Slush Bhajias

There are quite a few tasty Kenyan dishes, but the original bhajias from a famous restaurant called Slush Bhajias has been the standard for more than a few years now in Nairobi.

I’ve personally watched as the price for a box of these special deep fried potatoes served with tomato salsa have sky rocketed – but they’ll always be worth it!

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    mark: well the economy rice here in malaysia has risen quite substantially. years ago you can get a plate with the basics for about RM3.50 to about RM4, nothing more than RM5.00. Now with the same amount of stuff you dump into a plate the least u can get now is RM 4.50 or more..

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