Photo Favorite: Detailed Stone Carving at Wat Phou Temple in Laos

Wat Phou, Laos

Wat Phou, Laos

After spending a few days at the wonderfully relaxing 4000 Islands area of Laos, I headed a few hours north to the sleepy town of Champasak in order to visit the temple complex of Wat Phou.

My favorite thing about the temple was the elaborate detailed reliefs carved deep into the stones of the temple. This particular lintel (above) really caught my attention. If you have a chance to visit Laos, I’d highly recommend checking out Wat Phou.

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  1. Selvakumar says

    Hi Mark,

    The elephant picture and the king on the the elephant is cholan king from INDIA (Tamil King). They have concurerd almost all south asian countries. Angkor wat is also build by one that kings family only. You can see a picture in this link till where he has ruled. When is ur trip to india ?

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