Photo Favorite: Steering the Boat on the Turquoise Waters of Palawan Island

Island of Palawan, Philippines

Island of Palawan, Philippines

Location: Palawan Island, Philippines

There’s no word that describes the island of Palawan better than “paradise.”

The water is so clear and turquoise and the color are so vivid, that it almost looks like a make believe scene from a magazine. It’s possible to hire a boat for the day and just cruise around various islands and stop by to relax at private beaches!

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  1. says

    I completely agree. I went this August and literally couldn’t stop saying to my travel partners, ‘Guys, we’re IN a National Geographic spread!!’

    For better or for worse, though, I spent too long staring that I barely picked up my camera… :(

    • says

      I completely agree Naomi! The water and scenery was so surreal that I thought I was in a magazine as well! It’s ok about not taking too many photos – what’s important is that you have those lasting vivid memories.

  2. says

    i would say that the karst/limestone formation that was covered with green vegetation enhanced the beauty of Palawan. It is also a good spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

    Indeed that island is synonymous with “paradise.”

  3. says

    What a pretty photo. The gorgeous turquoise green water looks heavenly… Must be quite stunning to see it in person.
    Thanks for sharing Mark.
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)

  4. Tannya says

    The photo is really awesome…I haven’t been to Palawan but I think I have to visit it because of the great places there…

  5. Ri-j Consignado says

    Ahh.. Coron. I love that place. Malcapuya Island is my favorite but Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon are awesome too.

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