How To Get a Thai Visa in Colombo, Sri Lanka

How to get a Thai visa in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Getting a Thai visa in Colombo, Sri Lanka is more expensive than getting a Thai visa in Savannakhet, but if you plan on turning a visa run into a trip as well, Colombo is a great option.

I just got back to Thailand after a very enjoyable trip to Sri Lanka and a hassle-less visa application process at the Thai Embassy.

How to Get a Thai Visa in Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is what you’ll need to bring:

  • Passport
  • Filled out visa application form (available at the Thai Embassy in Colombo).
  • 1 passport photo
  • 2 photocopies of passport
  • The price is 4,600 Sri Lankan Rupees ($41.75) per 2 months. A double entry visa costs 9,200 LKR ($83.48).

Unlike getting a Thai visa in Yangon, you have the option of getting a 2 month double entry in Colombo. Very convenient!

Information and Procedure

It takes 3 normal business days (4 days altogether) to get a Thai visa in Colombo.

  • Day 1: Drop off your documents and money in the morning between 9 am – 11:30 am. I arrived right at 9 am and there were only a few other people at the embassy. It took me less than 20 minutes to finish everything.
  • Day 4: Pick-up Thai visa in the afternoon from 2 pm – 3:30 pm. All you have to do is hand them your slip and they will return your passport, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

NOTE: The visa takes 4 full business days. Example: I applied for my visa on Monday morning and picked it up on Thursday afternoon.


There is a small place across the street that will print and photocopy, but they are very expensive. I paid something like 50 LKR ($0.45) per page. I’d recommend getting getting photocopies and a passport photo before you get to the Thai embassy.

Thai Visa, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Thai Embassy, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Directions to the Thai Embassy in Colombo

The Thai embassy is located at the Green Lanka Building in Colombo, in the small central business district of the city.

If you are staying right in central Colombo, you might be able to walk to the embassy. If not, you can easily jump in a rickshaw or take a local Colombo bus to get there.

Address: 46/46 Nawam Mawatha 9th Floor, Green Lanka Towers, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Website: (not very informative)

Phone Number: (9411) 230-2500-3

Here’s a map to make it easier:

View Thai Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka in a larger map

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  1. says

    we just did the same proccess!
    another tip: they asked us to bring copies of ingoing and outgoing flight tickets, but we have no out-flying ticket, since we are going to Laos by land. So we had to write them a letter with our tour-plan and hand it with the passport.

      • khairul says


        Myself khairul iam bangladeshi passport holder currently live in maldives planing to

        visit thailand for a week.

        Please let me know what r thai tourist visa requirement for bangladeshi passport,

        Holder it well very helpful if you answer me,
        Many Thanks,


  2. Charles says

    Very helpful info and thanks for posting. the number of days out takes is very helpful.curious about the fee. Is it the same no matter what country you are from? I will be applying in Feb 2012, and hoping that Thailand will be providing free tourist visas then to stir up tourism after floods. however, each embassy sets their own rates regardless?

    • says

      Great that this is helpful Charles! It would be nice if Thailand reduced the fees for tourist visas again! Anyway, in Sri Lanka the price was higher than most places I’ve gotten a Thai tourist visa – but still worth it. I think that some of the Thai embassies have a few different policies so the prices vary.

      • Joe says

        THANKS MARK!
        You sure are a seasoned traveller and seem to have details about Thai visas and related stuff . . . GREAT!
        Do they have any visa restrictions in Colombo for any particular countries?
        I have a US passport, while my wife holds a Pakistani passport, hence my question.
        Thanks Mark.

    • Shyamali Sumanasekara says

      we will go to Malaysia. we hope to go to Thailand. do we need visa to enter Thailand? very helpful if you answer me.

      many thanks.

  3. Dewi says

    Hi… I’ve been trying to contact the Embassy but no one pick up the phone. My boss is going to Bangkok next month and lives in Maldives. Apparently the consulate in Male can not help issuing the visa for Egyptian. Do you know if the documents can be sent via courier? or email maybe.
    If can…it is much easier. or do you have other contact numbers?

    Thanks for the info.

  4. chaminda says

    Thanks very much !
    highly appreciate for this information
    only one information can we pay by LKR ?
    thanks lot in this info !

  5. INDUNIL says

    how can get a visa for sri lankans to travell to cambodia is it posible to apply from thailand embassy in sri lanka.

    • says

      Hey Cham,
      I’m not an expert, but I can tell you that I didn’t need a bank statement. It could depend on your passport, so be sure check your own requirements on the official site.
      Good luck with everything,

  6. Warana says

    I have visited Thailand once. And I want to know is it mandatory to provide bank statements to obtain visa??

      • Sarah says

        Does anyone know the requirements and the time it takes for getting a non-immigrant business visa for Thailand in Colombo?

      • says

        Hi Wiens

        I’m looking for a place to stay for two weeks in Thailand. Please send me information. Additionally if you are in Thailand , then, may I have your contact details.

    • Chinthaka says

      If you have visited once, you can get VISA without bank statement when you apply within one year from the date of last entry to Thailand. .

      For the first timer or if you revisit after 1 year you have to show a bank statement / Fixed Deposit Certificate / current account statement and you should have over Rs. 80,000/- in the accounts. This is for Sri lankans.

  7. Al J says

    Fyi – you MUST have 2 passport photos, not 1 … I just handed in my passport For the 60 day multiple entry visa 1 hour ago in Colombo.

  8. Al J says

    I wasn’t asked for any banking info…
    They’ll be a sign at the counter stating that you have to be a resident or citizen of Sri Lanka, but just ignore that.

  9. Indika says

    even though you keep calling hours to Thai embassy in Sri Lanka,
    they don’t answer the phone,
    but generally,
    Thai people are very freindly.. ha ha

  10. jack says

    Cheers for the great info (as always!)
    1. Do they request in and out confirmed flight bookings ?
    2. Do they offer double entry tourist visas ? these days ?

  11. Deeptha says

    Hi :) I’m a official passport holder from Sri Lanka.Is it possible to get an on-arrival visa from Thailand? I’m coming for a conference

  12. william lam says

    Could you tell me how long you have not update ?
    I am right now in Colombo, grasps all your information feel confidence. When I get there. Big surprise!! They move out year ago?!! A driver asking peoples around, finally I get there but to late to do those work! one day is gone!
    Please changes those news information!
    In the application form they request 02 photographs not 01.

    Royal Thai Embassy Colombo, Sri lanka

    No. 29A Wijerama Mawatha,

    Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

    Tel. 00 94 11 7529 500 -3
    Fax. 00 94 11 7529 504
    E-mail : [email protected]
    Facebook Page:


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