Photo Favorite: Juggling a Football in Traditional Egyptian Clothes

Playing Football in a Man Dress

Playing Football in a Man Dress

Location: Aswan, Egypt

While sailing the Nile River on a felucca, we stopped by at a small Egyptian village.

A few kids were juggling a flat bouncy ball in a little donkey pushcart alleyway, so I was able to join in with them for a few minutes of fun. In my jellabiya, I wasn’t exactly graceful, and I very nearly embarassingly fell multiple times!

But it was an awesome time!

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  1. says

    Its really moments like these which we remember from our journeys. Really simple but sharing a laugh and game with the locals is so much fun.
    Have a fabulous week ahead Mark:)

  2. says

    I loved Aswan and this looks like fun! I’ve talked to so many people on my travels who have connected with locals through the use of a soccer ball. It’s amazing how little the language barrier matters then!


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