Photo Favorite: Storm and Sunset at Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Cabo Polonia, Uruguay

Cabo Polonia, Uruguay

Location: Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Unfortunately while traveling through South America, I didn’t really take too many photos, nor was my camera equipment very advanced.

Cabo Polonio is a tiny little town that is only accessible by 4 wheel drive truck. There were no roads, not really any form of communication, and the scenery was breathtaking. It’s not a tropical beach, but more of a cool relaxing retreat.

This photo was taken when a storm was rolling in as the sun was about to set.

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  1. Annie - FootTracker says

    I like the sky and how sunny it is at the bottom part, yet to angry and gloomy on top XD Is the weather pretty unstable there?

  2. says

    Great picture! I’m very impressed you made it to Cabo Polonio, not too many people from outside Uruguay seem to know about it. I spent a week there in midwinter (August 2010) and loved it. In fact, I took the profile picture that I use (footsteps on sand) there.

    Did you try the bunuelos de algae (seafood fritters) there by any chance? I really liked them, they’re slightly reminiscent of a saltier version of onion bhajis.

    • says

      Hey Owen, I can’t say I ever would have gone if I hadn’t met a few Argentinians that invited me, so I was really happy they knew about it – it’s a really amazing place! We rented a small house there, and the people I was with did all the cooking, so wasn’t even able to eat out. Would love to try the seafood fritters though, sound fantastic!

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