Hong Kong Street Food – 3 Days of Feeding the Addiction

Street food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Street Food

There’s no denying my street food addiction.

Hong Kong is a city loaded with culinary street food delights – from the greasy grinds of Mongkok to the international recipes surrounding the Chungking Mansion, Hong Kong has it all!

This is not the most in-depth guide to Hong Kong street food cuisine – the culinary roots run deep through the foundation of the city and there’s so much to discover.

This is however what my body was able to handle in a mere 3 day visit to Hong Kong with a purpose to eat!

Hong Kong Street Food

Hong Kong, Mongkok Street Food

Mongkok Street Food in Hong Kong

In Mongkok, there are a number of street food restaurants that jet into the middle of the sidewalk to tempt pedestrians with strange skewers of bacon wrapped meat and various forms of fried chicken!

Mongkok is one of the best Hong Kong street food destinations.

Hong Kong Food

Wonton Noodle Soup with Beef Brisket

Wonton noodle soup with giant meaty chunks of beef brisket – it had an incredible pure taste of beef to it.

Price: 46 HKD

Normal Bowl of Hong Kong Noodles

Normal Bowl of Hong Kong Noodles

Normal bowl of wonton soup with wontons – 30 HKD

Restaurant: Mak’s Noodles (Above)

Address: G/F 77 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

I was psyched to go here because I thought the name was Mark’s Noodles (my name), but when I arrived it was actually “Mak’s.”  The fresh egg noodles and shrimp wonton were splendid, though the portions sizes were severely lacking.

Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Dim Sum in Hong Kong

The beancurd rolls (called San Juk Guen – pictured on the right) were loaded with fatty pork and tasted outstanding! They are one of my favorite dim sum items.

Hong Kong Street Food

Hong Kong Dim Sum

Another personal favorite comfort food of mine is Chinese glutinous rice steamed in a lotus leaf (Lou Mai Gai). I grew up eating it and every opportunity I have, I will always order it.

Steamed Buns with Barbecue Red Pork

Steamed Buns with Barbecue Red Pork

Hong Kong is perhaps the most famous city in the world for dim sum, and I was not about to miss out.

Lin Heung Teahouse

Address: G/F 160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Line Heung Teahouse, though well known by tourists, serves pretty decent dim sum in a somewhat traditional atmosphere.

Shanghai Soup Dumplings

Shanghai Soup Dumplings

At a random restaurant I indulged in a few Shanghai style soup dumplings for an afternoon snack – not the best I’ve had, but they weren’t bad.

Hong Kong Street Food

Hong Kong Street Food - Rice, Beef and Morning Glory

There are many hole in the wall restaurants in Hong Kong that serve rice or noodle dishes for about 24 – 30 HKD a plate.

Look for small restaurants plastered with colorful posters and menus displayed all over the walls. This particular bowl I ate was a bit greasy but the beef chunks were amazing!

Street Bread in Hong Kong

Yamakazi Bakery

Yamazaki Bakery which is actually a Japanese company, bakes up some wonderful creations to satisfy sweet or salty cravings.

Roasted Duck and Quail

Roasted Duck and Quail

Restaurants that serve roasted duck, quail, or pork are easy to spot throughout the streets of Hong Kong. They always display their roasted artwork in the glass windows so it’s easy to get tempting into eating.

Hong Kong Street Food - Cream Filled Pancakes

Hong Kong Street Food - Cream Filled Pancakes

Don’t miss the cream filled pancakes on the streets of Mongkok!

Street Style Hong Kong Buffet

Street Style Hong Kong Buffet

I ate a delicious meal at a random restaurant directly outside of the Yau Ma Tei MRT station located on 11 Waterloo Road.

The mass of people trying to get in the door was my indicator that I should follow. Soon I was fighting for a position in line and the chance to eat the cheap and delicious freshly cooked Hong Kong street food style buffet.

A large plate of rice, 2 dishes, and a bowl of soup cost me 23 HKD.

Plate of Rice and Pork

Plate of Rice and Pork

At 5 am I found myself hungry so after finding a late night restaurant, I ordered a steaming hot plate of rice topped with tofu and fried pork belly in a thick gravy sauce. The thick gravy was plainly cooked, yet in the morning it tasted so good.

Price: 30 HKD

Hong Kong Red Barbecued Pork

Hong Kong Red Barbecued Pork

Don’t miss the Hong Kong red barbecued pork that can be found all over the streets.

Hong Kong Street Food - Steamed Glutinous Rice and Sausage

Hong Kong Street Food - Steamed Glutinous Rice and Sausage


Get lost and confused, but make sure you go a little crazy sampling Hong Kong street food!

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  1. John in France says

    I’m full and I’ve only been reading your article. What did you do after these three days of eating??? and fried pork bellies at 5am??? I salute you!

  2. jenjenk says

    geeeezzzz…now i’m STARVING!! I want to go to Asia JUST to street food it up!! have you ever gotten ill from eating stuff from the food carts?

    • says

      Thanks Jen! You know, over the past 3 years, I think I got sick once in the Philippines, and I’m quite sure that I drank a cup of bad water. I grew up as a kid in Africa, so I think my stomach developed a resistance to a lot of the food germs. Hope you can make it to Asia to start eating!

  3. Barbara - The Dropout Diaries says

    Honestly, Mark, I don’t know how you are not the size of a whale. You ate all that IN THREE DAYS???? Have you ever being a competitive eater?

    • says

      That would be my dream!!! Being able to travel and eat for a living would be my ultimate goal. I’m actually in mainland China right now visiting my cousin – and we are eating so much amazing food too! I hope my body can continue to handle it…

    • says

      Haha! Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing to be able to order food delivered straight to us from any country in the world? You guys are enjoying the amazing scenery though!

  4. says

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been in HK and now I want to go if just to eat, yes I have to go shopping at Stanley Market. Too many places to visit and revisit, and so little time! :)

  5. inka says

    Nobody ‘does’ Asian food better than you. When is your next book coming out, this time about Chinese Street Food? It’ll be a runner.

    • says

      Ha! Thanks Inka!
      I’m releasing a street food e-book coming out in September about food in a few different countries – I’ll send you a copy asap! You need to compile your guide for Turkish food too!

  6. Cathy Sweeney says

    You really did well in only 3 days! I need to plan an excursion with the only purpose being to eat. Everything looks delicious, especially the cream filled pancakes. Yum!

  7. says

    This looks awesome – you’ll really have to bring me with you next time…haha. Three days of glorious street food in Hong Kong is definitely my ideal trip.

  8. Mike Treat says

    Hey Mark,

    I’d like a link to your e-Book for food around the world. I’d like to surprise my wife with a tour of “foods around the world”. Since we live in Hong Kong, it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish huh?

  9. Christy @ Technosyncratic says

    I was reading along like normal and then when I got to the cream-filled pancakes my mind was just blown! Why didn’t I think of that?!? I’m sure it won’t turn out the same, but I know what I’m making for breakfast tomorrow… =)

  10. InsideJourneys says

    I’m right there with you, Mark. This food jumps off the screen. I could taste it and wouldn’t mind one bit the pounds I just packed on. Just looking at it makes me hungry. If you ever want to go on a food bender, I’d say HK looks like the perfect place to do it.
    Bon Appetit! (How do they say that in HK?)

  11. Carmen says

    haha love all the remarks on how amazing it is that you can eat so much, because that is exactly what’s going through my mind when I read your blogs! well, let’s see what happens once you hit 30 :p
    meanwhile looking through your blogs for food inspiration for my upcoming trip to HK and the Philippines in October! :)

    keep it up and I’d love to see the food you’re having in China! Hope you’ve been to Beijing because food is amazing there!

    • says

      Haha, thanks for the comment Carmen…I think I will have to slow down my eating habits here in a few years – or exercise for 1/2 of everyday and eat the other half – I think that would be alright! I haven’t been to Beijing, this time I’m only in the South of China, but I surely will return – there’s just soooo much to eat in China. Posts coming soon!

  12. Vikki says

    Hi Mark,

    Great photos. My mom is in HK right now and wants to eat street food. Where in Mongkok should we start? Is there a particular street and does it start only in the evenings or can we venture out there around lunch time?

    Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hey Vikki, thanks for dropping by.
      I think that food is there from the morning to the night – basically all times. All around Mongkok you’ll find plenty of street food. Just browse around the general shopping district and you’ll bump into plenty of stalls. Hope you can find some great things to eat!

  13. says

    I need to leave this page immediately, you make me hungry :) I love Hong Kong street food and am lucky to have Cantonese friends there who take me out to the best spots. Great photos, Mark!

  14. says

    I used to have a Chinese girlfriend who teased me about liking the steamed buns with bbq pork saying that’s what farmers like. I told her, you can send me out to the field then! 😛

  15. Andie says

    Great blog! I’ll be flying to HK this December and I’ll surely check out these places! Hope you made a list of restaurants that we MUST never miss to visit in HK. Hats off to your blog!

  16. Glenn says

    Loved the photos Mark, I’m going to Hong Kong and Macau for ten days, can’t wait. I hope to take some day trips into mainland China, if I can ,to try the street foods.

  17. says

    Hey it’s interesting you went out early in the morning and be able to find all these open places. I stayed in TST one time, and Central in all the rest of my visits but I never found any open place after 10 except maybe 7/11 and some movie theaters.
    And yes, the food is incredibly cheap, but wow that 23 HKD for 2 dishes plus soup and rice was really cheap.

  18. HKTraveller says

    could you please tell me where I can find this amazing steamed buns with babecue red sauce? Is there a special place or can I find it almost everywhere in HK?

    Thanks a lot. :)


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