How To Get a Thai Visa in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Thai Visa in Yangon, Burma

Thai Visa in Yangon, Burma

The policies for getting a Thai Visa in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) are slightly stricter than getting a Thai visa in a place like Savannakhet, Laos, but the overall procedure is quite easy if you have everything prepared ahead of time.

Yangon is not the complete ideal place for just a quick visa run, but a great place to get a Thai visa if you also have plans to do some traveling or hanging out in Burma (Myanmar).

Note: You must have a booked airplane flight ticket into Thailand in order to apply for a Thai visa in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar).

Tips for Getting a Thai Visa

  • It’s always handy to carry a few copies of your passport and a few passport photos. There are makeshift options for getting passport photos outside of the embassy, but these places always charge a premium (because they can).
  • Read over the list of Thai and Burmese holidays to make sure you have 2 days with no holidays (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to get a visa and completely forgot about looking at holidays – only to have to wait a few extra days).
Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

What you will need:

  • Passport – valid for 6 months or more
  • Airplane ticket – You MUST have a copy of your airline ticket flying into Thailand to be granted a Thai visa (You don’t need a flight out of Thailand)
  • 2 Passport photos
  • Visa application form
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • FEE for Visa – 2 month visa for 1000 THB

IMPORTANT: If you do not bring these things to get your Thai visa in Yangon, you will be turned away and have to return (probably the next day). I know this first hand, because I showed up without a copy of my plane ticket, attempted to sweet talk my way into not needing it, and ended up having to come back the next morning to apply for the visa.

How to get a Thai Visa in Yangon

The process will take 2 business days.

Step 1

Day 1 – I arrived at the Thai embassy at about 8:30 am to just a few people waiting around on the outside of the gate. The gates open from 9 am to 11:30 to apply for the visa.

Step 2

Filled out my Thai visa application form and assembled all my documents to hand in my visa.

Step 3

You enter the first door (kind of like an entry little hut) and give your passport and application to the clerk sitting there. He will give you a small receipt with a number on it. Then you will need to wait on the benches outside the embassy until your number range is called.

Step 4

When you number is called you enter the real part of the Thai embassy, hand in all of your documents, and pay your visa fee, and are given a receipt for your passport and told to come back on the next business day to pick it up.

Step 5

Day 2: I returned the next day right at 2 pm to get my Thai visa with no problems at all – just basically walked in and got my passport. You can pick up your passport anytime from 2 pm – 5 pm.

Bus in Yangon

Yangon Transportation

Where is the Thai Embassy in Yangon

The Thai embassy is located just outside of town. I walked there from the center of Yangon a number of times (takes about 30 minutes), but it’s probably easier to jump in a taxi that should cost 1500 – 2000 Kyats.

The Yangon city bus also goes to the main road just outside of the Thai embassy, ask a tout and he should help you out!

94 Pyay Road
Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

View Thai Embassy Yangon in a larger map

If you are traveling to Yangon, you might want to check out my important Myanmar travel information as well as search for a place to stay. Also, while you are in Yangon, take advantage of the wonderful food.

Check out these delicious Burmese cuisine dishes.

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  1. says

    Great advice! This will definitely come in handy one day–hopefully sooner than later. Thanks for putting together this guide.

      • Htay Win says

        Dear Mark , my name is htay win and current stay in Singapore . Today eve I will visit to Phuket but last night I checked my passport and already expired which was I applied from last few months . So I want to know that can I apply the Visa on Arrival when I reached Phuket airport ? I will visit in there just 4 days and 3 nights , after I must be back to Singapore . Thanks .

  2. Don says

    Very good advise about making sure there are no Thai or Burmese holidays within a few days. I ran into this problem while getting my visa for Burma in Bangkok.

    • says

      Yup, I think almost anyone trying to get a visa for anywhere has at some point had a conflict with a holiday. So when going to a different country with the intention of getting a visa, it can really pay to do some research.

    • says

      Hmmm Talon, that’s a good question and I’m not sure exactly. I would think that the officials would look at your Burmese visa (the expiration) and when your flight to Thailand is to make sure things line up. Other than that, I don’t know. I had a about a week before my flight to Thailand when I applied for the Thai visa.

  3. says

    I’m not sure why this is relevant when you can get your visa on arrival in Thailand….why bother at all to get a Thai visa in advance when you will receive one (a tourist visa good for 30 days) on arrival at Thai passport control at the airport.

    The other way around is much more tricky (getting your visa to Burma whilst in Thailand).

    Mark, can you explain why one would go to the trouble to get a visa in advance in Burma for Thailand? Maybe I’m missing something?

    • says

      Hey Carolyn,
      Thanks for asking. Basically this is for those who want to apply for a tourist visa that is valid for 2 months, and for those who want to apply for other forms of Thai visas, such as non-immigrant B visas, business visas, or other forms of Thai visas. You are right, if you are just traveling and want to spend 30 days in Thailand, a normal on arrival visa for 30 days works great.

    • Jim says

      You might want to get a Thai visa in Yangon if you’re crossing into Thailand by land. Land crossings only receive a 14 day entry, compared to the 30 day entry by air. Getting a 60 day visa ahead of time eliminates the hassle of trying to extend the 14 day entry while in Thailand.

  4. Hope says

    Hi Mark! Thanks a lot for sharing information on this website! Its a great help for me since I am planning to get a visa run in Yangon this month. But I am not so sure what to do after getting the visa from the thai embassy, This is gonna be my first visa run. Do I need to do something else after geting my visa from the Thai embassy in Yangon or am I good to go back to thailand?

  5. says

    Many people probably wouldn’t think of going to Yangon to get their Thai Visa renewed. What a great opportunity to spend a few days in a fascinating country.

  6. says

    Thanks mate. Very handy article. Going to Birma in 10 days and i was looking exactly for these infos. Enjoy your travels

  7. Jaz says

    nice guide just a few questions if you got the time.
    above you mentioned that before going to Mynamar you need to have a visa to enter, does that apply for Thai nationals?
    also i was told that you have to pay for your visa in USD is that true?
    also finally is there any hotels you would recommend and what is the taxi situation like, hard to get? scammers?
    thank you Mark

    • says

      Hey Jaz,

      I believe that even Thai nationals need a Myanmar visa to enter the country. Do you mean USD for the Myanmar Visa, or for the Thai Visa? For myself, I paid Thai baht for both visas. It should cost around 800 baht for the Myanmar visa and then 1000 baht for a 2 month Thai visa.

      I stayed at the Golden Smile Inn in Yangon, decent cheap place in Yangon, about $14 per night for a double. As for taxis, I had no trouble, I always just asked a local how much they would pay prior to flagging down the taxi. People are extremely kind and friendly. I have a big post that I will publish on Wednesday (8 June) of this week (on Migrationology) about practical travel information in Yangon if you would like the full round-up of Yangon information.

  8. Steo says

    Hi Mark,
    Cool advice, thank you
    I am heading to Yangon this weekend with a friend to get a visa on Monday. I heard that there can be long queues at the embassy as there are so many locals looking for a visa to come to Thailand,(people start queuing at 12 midnight to get a number, of which there are only 200 issued) Does this effect the foreigners or is only locals.
    Again, cool info ,

    • says

      Hey Steo,
      Hmm, when I went the line was quite manageable, basically arrived and then got in within 15 minutes. I think the 200 thing might be for local Burmese trying to get a visa for Thailand, but I haven’t actually heard about it. I though the whole process was quite easy when I went, I just wasn’t able to get a 2 entry visa. Hope it works out for you Steo, let me know how it goes!

  9. Shunichi Arai says

    Thank you for very useful information. I got a tourist visa quite easily at the Thai embassy in Yangon few weeks ago. At that time, the fee was changed from 1000bahts to 40USD. They said they only accept USD for fee.

  10. Ste says

    Update (April 2012) – Only 140 visas are issued at the Thai embassy each day for BOTH Burmese and foreigners. If you come even before the embassy closes, but the 140th queue ticket is given out, you have to return the next day. I went at 10:00 AM and they turned me away even though the embassy doesn’t close for visa processing until 11:30 AM. This was on Monday which likely had more people since the embassy was closed on the weekend. Try the middle of the week for the shortest lines I think.

  11. Matt says

    Yeah40 dollars and the gates open at 9 although yesterday ir was 20 minutes late as the staff were late for work. The Burmese were given numbers but myself one of very few foreigners were just let straight in when the door opened. Took about 2 minutes and another 2 minutes to pick it up the next day. The restaurant called feel is just round the corner and serves excellent local food. Basically a huge variety of curries and alike in a clean air con restaurant. It’s packed with locals. Turn right out the embassy then right on the main road and then the next left and it’s about 200m.

  12. paul says

    hey Mark,
    great info! i am going to myanmar this sat for a few days, until next wed evening, and need to pick up a 2-month tourist visa while i’m there.

    3 questions:
    do they care if the photos are 2″x2″ or 4cm x 6cm?
    do we have to pick up the forms at the embassy and fill them out there or can we download them beforehand?
    finally, can we get a double entry visa in myammar?


    • says

      Hey Paul,
      Cool to hear you’re heading to Burma.

      – I think I used 2 x 2, and it was fine. In previous visa trips they haven’t been too picky about the size of the photo, so that should be alright.
      – Yes, you can get an application at the embassy in Yangon once you arrive – I think that’s the easiest.
      – No, unless things have changed, they don’t offer double entry visas. That was my biggest drawback about getting a Thai visa in Yangon.

      Have a great trip!

  13. Kev says


    First of all thanks for the info, it’s most useful.

    I am going there tomorrow for a few nights.

    Can anyone recommend a clean guest house in the 1000-1500 thb price range?

    Thanks, Kev

    • says

      Hey Kev, glad you found this article useful. Hopefully someone can recommend a place for you. The place I stayed was a bit cheaper and very very basic. Have a great trip!

  14. Claude says

    Planning a visa run and this is useful info; thanks.
    Just to clarify: is it correct that you do NOT need a to show a ticket out of Thailand as proof of onwards travel to obtain the 60 day visa.
    Does the same apply for Vientianne and Savannakhet?
    Thank you

    • says

      Hey Claude, yes, normally you for a 2 month visa you may need proof of entrance but don’t need a ticket out of Thailand. Same goes for Laos, though you shouldn’t even need proof of entrance to Thailand getting a visa there. Good luck with everything!

  15. says

    I just returned from a fun trip to Yangon and I got my visa on arrival through a company called Gold Backed Travels and it was super easy.
    I had to send:
    1. Scan of my passport and passport-sized photo
    2. My itinerary (arrival and departure dates)

    The process cost me $75, but it was headache-free and they did all the paperwork for me. I simply had to show up and pay their representative (who met me at Immigration) with bills that were in good condition. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    I dealt with “Chaw” and their email address is [email protected]

  16. Randy says

    Hi Mark, Just found your website a few days ago and i love it. You do incredible work. I’m flying into Bangkok in a day and will be visiting and doing Phuket and a few places and then off to other regional countries. I’m considering doing some long term vacationing and Bangkok may be the hub.

    With your experience, are the 60 day tourist visas good AFTER you do your initial 30 day upon arrival visa and what exactly are the rules in vacationing in Bangkok indefinitely if at all possible? I’ve been reading up on it and I’m getting different info from all angles.

    Thanks in advance my friend.

    Also, the food tips are spectacular :)

    • says

      Hey Randy, good to hear from you.

      A 60 day visa begins as soon as you enter, so you don’t get the 30 day upon arrival visa. However, after a 60 day visa you can go to immigration in Bangkok and extend by 30 days for 2000 Baht so really you can get 90 days on that single visa. As for long term vacationing, you can also get double entry visas and then keep leaving the country every now and then to re-apply for 2 month double entry visas – this makes is possible!

      Thanks for checking out my blog and all the best!

      • Randy says

        Mark, Thx so much for the info. I’m currently at Imm Fusion Hotel on Sukhumvit 50 near the On Nut BTS. Its outstanding. Do you have any recommendations for any apartments in this area or any contacts you may have that I can email? Hell, if you’re available for lunch, Ill buy if I can get a little local knowledge in person from you :)

        I love everything so far ( except the broken elbow I received falling down during turbulence over the atlantic LOL). That’s a fun story in of itself. I’m retired military and used to setbacks and irritations so this is nothing :-)

        Take care,


        • says

          Hey Randy, glad you made it to Bangkok, sorry to hear about the broken elbow. I know there are quite a few options if you walk On Nut, maybe try Soi 81. Not sure what your budget is, but there’s a place called KV Mansion that’s pretty nice. But there are many options both budget and more expensive around On Nut. Hope you’re enjoying Bangkok!

  17. PhuPha says

    Howdy yall, doing my first visa run in Myanmar for a non-immigrant O visa. My plane arrived in March of this year and I will not leave until November of this year. I have an e-ticket confirmation for that flight and need to get this done within 6 days. Will i have a problem about this? thanx

  18. lea kulinowski says

    Hello – many thanks for this great post, it has been very very useful!

    I went there yesterday (2 April 2014) to get my visa and I just wanted to post two small updates:

    1 – Price is now 40 USD and they won’t accept bahts or Kyats. There is a place to change money just next to the embassy;
    2 – It took only one working day to get it (I got it this afternoon);
    3 – Absolutely need the copy of the plane ticket into thailand.

    I was amazed at how speedy it was – went around 10 am and I had to wait max 10 min; just asked the person at the entrance and he gave me a visa form then told me to go inside and wait in the queue.

    Thanks again for your great posts, I use them a lot and they are very useful!

  19. kee chong says

    hey mark. great blog. thx for all the useful info. Would you recommend getting a student visa in Thailand & using that as a way to stay in Thailand for a few years? Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Kee, great to hear from you. I’ve never done anything like that, but if you’re interested in signing up for a school, that would be a possible way to study and stay in Thailand.

  20. Diah Tri Widyastuti says

    Hi mark,
    I’m Indonesian.
    My partner work in bkk, I’m joining him to stay in bkk (tourist visa).
    I’ve been in n out Thailand for over 6x using tourist visa (on arrival) now they ask me to get a 60 days Visa.
    I always go yangon for 2/3 days to renew visa on arrival.

    When I see Thai embassy (visa) in Yangon, I see this Term ,,

    * Additional documents for applicant who has had extension of stay or many entries to Thailand
    1. letter of employment (for employee) or
    2. company registration (for business owner) or
    3. Guarantee/invitation letter from company in Thailand

    I’m not all the above, do u think they still will grant me ?

    Thanks so much n btw ur blog is useful for my thai n Myanmar street food guide ^_^

  21. says

    Hi, a little update about the process in Yangon for the Thai visa as of December 2014.

    My wife and I went to get our visa in Yangon after reading you excellent blog about this. When we arrived we found a very long line of people outside, and asked if this was normal. It turn out it is. Another European we met there had been in line since 7AM and the doors opens for the first applicant at 9:15AM. She was still a good way back in the line and probably came into the embassy around 10:30AM.

    It turns out they no longer use the two step procedure, but do it all at once. Once inside the embassy you will deliver your papers (application form, copy of passport, travel itinerary into Thailand) and passport. When this is approved by the clerc (and there is only one clerk operating this counter at any time) you will be asked to move to counter 2 (two steps to your left). In counter 2 you will pay the outstanding amount of your application (40$) and the you can go for the day. You can come back the next day for pickup between 1:30 and 3PM.Monday to Fridays

    They constantly counted the line and made sure thay could process the once left when the time closed to 12:00 when they closed it of for the day. We did not see anyone get turned away as we got into the embassy about ten minutes short of the doors closing.

    So if there is anything to mark:
    – Get there early or prepare to stand a long time in line in the heat
    – Have all papers ready and forms filled corretly.
    – Crispy dollar bills is the only form of payment. Is one corner of the bill folded? Not good enough in Yangon.
    – Bring water – it’s hot outside in the sun.

    And to close off, don’t do as we did. :) We missed the three month validity of the Visa by 3 days. We came a Friday and could pickup on Monday. If the Visa got dated on that Monday it would be Ok, three days short if dated on Friday. They date the Visa the date you hand in the application. They will not accept any “holding” of the passport or a delayed application. We spent some time in the heat learning a lesson we allready knew.

    Safe travels everyone. 😀



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