Photo Favorite: Colorful Wall Mural in Valparaiso, Chile

Wall Graffiti, Valparaiso Chile

Wall Murals, Valparaiso, Chile

Location: Valparaiso, Chile

About and hour away from Santiago, Chile is the pleasant port town of Valparaiso.  Colorful murals of art beautify the hill-enticing cobblestone streets that seem to endlessly wind up and down.  When I came across this mural, with the Chilean flag hanging from the window, I caught my breath and admired it with wonder.

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    • says

      Thanks Pete! When I would find a really nice mural, I would just have a seat and look at it for a while before continuing, beautiful street art in Valpo!

  1. Bluegreen Kirk says

    Thanks for the photo! Its sad that if I was walking past that mural I would have probably not even noticed it. But seeing a photo gives me a chance to actually to take time and look.

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