Photo Favorite: Cave Waterfall in Sagada, Philippines

Sagada Cave Waterfall

Cave Waterfall, Sagada, Philippines

Location: Sumaging Cave – Sagada, Philippines

Illuminated by the shaky lantern of the guide, I ventured into a dark whole; little did I know, it was the entrance to hidden beauty. The Sumaging cave complex near Sagada, Philippines is a very well preserved and all around magical place.

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  1. Raymond says

    Wow! That looks like something from another world. I spent 5 months in the Philippines and never made it to Sagada. Sheesh.

  2. Jeruen says

    Awesome shot! Did you do the cave connector route? I did it last summer and regretted the fact that I was too busy scrambling that I forgot I had a camera with me!

    • says

      No, I met some Filipino locals while I was there and they didn’t want to do the full connection (we shared a guide), so we just did the single cave. It was incredible, and luckily there was a bit of time (before the lantern started flickering) to snap some shots!

  3. Michael Figueiredo says

    Wow! That’s a beautiful photo! I need to play with my camera’s shutter speed the next time I’m near a waterfall too :)

    • says

      Yah Jamie, it was a really cool cave! Despite the flow of water over the rocks – they were completely slip-free, no slime being able to grow with the lack of natural light. It was an awesome cave exploration!

    • says

      Hey Federico, I guess my version of the tripod is not quite as fancy as this (a cheap tripod from Hong Kong), but that gorillapod looks pretty cool – I want to get one!

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