Photo Story: A Week of Divine Food in Hanoi

Don’t worry, this isn’t all I ate!  I stuffed in quite a bit more during my brief stay in Hanoi, yet I discovered that photographing food in Vietnam can be a little more challenging than other places.

Sitting on 6 inch stools on the roadside, balancing drinks and dishes on tiny or nonexistent tables, extremely uneven light coming from makeshift roofing, people shoving, and a slight concern of being hit by motorbikes all add to the exciting challenge!  Here are a few things I ate while in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Pho Ga – Vietnamese rice noodle soup with chicken

Vietnames chicken noodles

Pho Ga Noodles

Pho Bo – Beef noodle soup

Vietnamese beef noodle soup

Pho Bo Noodles

Pho Xao Bo – Rice noodles fried with beef and vegetables

Pho Xao Bo

Pho Xao Bo

Xa Lach Tron Dao Dam – Vietnamese beef and lettuce salad

Xa Lach Tron Dao Dam

Xa Lach Tron Dao Dam

Banh Goi – Vietnamese empanada dumplings (left), Nem Cua Be – Vietnamese fried crab spring rolls (right)

Hanoi spring rolls

Banh Goi (left), Nem Cua Be (right)

Nom Chim Quay – Pigeon and papaya salad

Nom Chim Quay

Nom Chim Quay

Nom Bo Kho – Beef and papaya salad

Nom Bo Kho

Nom Bo Kho

Rice and buffet

Vietnamese Rice and Dishes

Vietnamese Rice Buffet

Goi Cuon – Vietnamese fresh summer rolls

Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon

Banh My Doner Kebab – Baguette stuffed with kebab meat and vegetables

Vietnamese Doner Kebab

Banh My Kebab

Bun Cha – Barbecue meat soup, rice noodles, and herbs

Bun Cha

Bun Cha

Mien Xao Luon – Stir fried cassava noodles with fried eels


Mien Xao Luon

Xoi Ga / Xoi Thit Kho Tau – Sticky rice with chicken and with glazed pork

Xoi Ga, Xoi Thit Kho Tau

Xoi Ga (left), Xoi Thit Kho Tau (right)

Xoi Xeo Ga – Sticky rice, corn, bean paste, chicken, fried onions, sauce!

Xoi Xeo Ga

Xoi Xeo Ga

I have to give my vote to Hanoi’s Bun Cha with Xoi Xeo coming in next!

I know I missed a few of Hanoi’s dishes, if only I had had a bit more time…

Like Vietnamese food too?  What are your favorite Vietnamese / Hanoian dishes?

Do you love food and travel too?

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  1. Riku S says

    Wow dude, awesome pics. Rice noodle soup w chicken/beef/pork + some liver in it was propably the best dish that I ate in Vietnam. Döner kebab and fresh summer rolls were really tasty too.
    Btw did you notice that those Vietnamise soups had that unique taste of freshness on them? I mean if you compare to ones you get in Thailand or Laos.

    And did you go to that ”dog street”?

    • Chau Nguyen says

      There’s nowhere noodle is tasted like in Hanoi, all are the modifications. “Dog street”? You mean dog meat on the street ? Sometimes you can find it in some markets but not regular. You have to go to some restaurant to try it.

  2. says

    @Jetpacker: Haha, it was a little bone filled, but the flavor was excellent!

    @Riku: Yes man, the fresh herbs and mild soups definitely added a unique natural flavor. I didn’t make it to the dog street in the end, sort of ran out of time, and my girlfriend wasn’t too thrilled! Next time!

    @Digital Nomadism: Yah, sucked on the whole thing and spit out the bones! You have got to try it when you are in Hanoi!

  3. says

    Great shots! Yes, eating and taking photos in Hanoi can be a challenge :) Love pho!

    Could not do the pigeon dish………just the thought makes me gag :)

  4. says

    Yes, Hanoi makes the some on the best Pho in Vietnam and street food scene is amazing. Also, never forget to savour the Pho Cuon spring rolls.


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