Photo Story: Walking Through the Streets of Hong Kong


Hong Kong skyline

Between the bookends of the world’s most breathtaking skyline lies a throbbing abundance of life on the streets and a multitude of human beings routinely ensuring the city continues to churn.

My second trip of 3 days in Hong Kong, and I am still amazed at this city of sky-rise buildings on an island.

How did the engineers design such a mad man-made creation, and how does the city survive, failing to collapse into the bay below?

Hong Kong is a premier business district of the world and many roll around in their finest garments to sky-rise cubicle jobs by day.  By night they go out for a few overpriced dinner cocktails or if the day was particularly stressful a couple of alcoholic shooters.

At the crack of dawn, family owned restaurants, vegetable market stalls, meat butchers, corner convenience stores, and stores full of odds and ends, open their shutters and add to the business mingle on the streets..

To make everything possible, construction workers with the help of bamboo poles fix things to code and keep the city hopefully from collapsing.

Though my budget and lifestyle doesn’t allow for a lengthy stay in the density of Hong Kong, I do enjoy a whirlwind walk, and a helter-skelter of wandering through the streets of Hong Kong.


Street shopping

Hordes of humans muster and then move together in a clump, a few leading but most following.


Crossing the street in Hong Kong

Amongst the bustle, there’s always a time to lay back, pause and take a break.


Taking a break on the scaffolding

If you choose to not focus on a single thing amidst the flurry, vision becomes blurry and all the movement of the city and the lights blend together into a kaleidoscope of colors and motion.


A whirl of traffic in Hong Kong

Though many techniques have replaced traditional methods, nothing artificial has proved better than centuries old bamboo scaffolding.


Do some repairs, love the bamboo scaffolding

At the base and in between ultra-modern glass buildings is an opportunity for people to supply food to the masses.


Market in central Hong Kong

Hong Kong takes advertising to absurd levels, especially with designer brands.  Even the most lowly nomad is slightly influenced and fights the need of a little designer wear…


Luxury in hong Kong

Hanging clothes and drab building conditions make the Chungking Mansions Hong Kong contrast with the modern glass skyscrapers.


Highrise in Mongkok

Pausing in the middle of Mongkok is like a a motion painting where a million people pass by, determined to do whatever is on their mind.


Filming a tv show

An oxtail snakes into the path of thousands of people, waiting to be bought up and made into a delicious ox-tail stew.

Hong Kong

So many interesting things to see walking through Hong Kong

Having done construction in the United States, I always feel a little bit of pity for those who do construction in the tiniest of spaces or renovate in frightening conditions.


Construction in Hong Kong


Famous Hong Kong skyline at night

Cramming 7 million people together is a recipe for unique ideas, business strategies, and an international culture.

A walk through the streets of Hong Kong is an exhilarating experience.

As the city flurries, take a moment to observe as things pass by at a rapid pace.

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  1. says

    Wow! I love the birds eye view! I have never been to Hong Kong, well, only in the airport. The pictures remind me a little of Singapore but dirty. I’m sure it is an interesting place. Would love to go soon.

  2. says

    @Ryan: I traveled directly from Bangkok, you can get easy and cheap flight via Air Asia!

    @Randall: Awesome, hope you get a chance to visit soon!

    @Bethany: Thanks Bethany!


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