Carnivorous Meat Platter in Montevideo

Parilla (Mixed Grill) for 3

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Restaurant: Estancia Del Puerto Restaurant in Mercado Del Puerto
Address: Mercado Del Puerto, Piedras 237, Montevideo, Uruguay
Cost: 695 UYU (Uruguayan Peso)- ($36.29 USD)

grill man at estancia del puerto

meat parilla in montevideo uruguay

meat platter in montevideo

Uruguay is far from having a meat drought, and if you are looking for one of those great times that you just let yourself go and stuff yourself full of meaty protein, Mercado Del Puerto is the place. I would recommend disregarding all repercussions, dropping the money, and worrying about consequences later. The man behind the grill can undoubtedly be fully trusted to handle a slab of protein with expertise.

The parilla grilled platter was stacked high with a range of greasy enthralling treats.  Grilled chicken, tender ribs, fat encased choripan sausage, some kind of pork and provolone cheese roll-up, and juicy steak, were a few of the materials used to construct the nourishing pyramid. It would not have been the same without the divine parsley and garlic powerful chimichurri sauce condiment.

Migration Mark Rating: 8.5/10

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    • says

      Sorry to hear that and I do agree about the ice cream. There was another restaurant called La Otra in Montevideo that served an incredible meal as well if you ever go back.

  1. says

    I’ve eaten similar Brazilian feasts in the past. Looking at these photos reminds me of coming home and sitting/sleeping in a lethargic state for hours on end.

      • Ricardo Armando says

        Hmmm… It sounds like you’ve never been around South & Southeastern Brazil. Well I tell you the diversity of home cooking dishes brought up by mid 19th Century immigrants (over 72 different nationalities and cultures) who populated and grew this profitable area treat you to eat and eat and eat… Want to come. Get information with me as I will be pleased to advertise the area and welcome you around São Paulo where I am a receptive Tour Guide. Don’t miss the opportunity to add some kilos (or pounds) before you leave!

        • says

          Hey Ricardo, thank you very much for stopping by. I would love to visit Brazil sometime, I’ve never been before. Will let you know if I make it, thanks. Can’t wait to try all the delicious food!

  2. says

    Wait, did you eat all of that meat yourself Mark!? I went to the same place a month after your post (in August 2010) and thought I was pigging out by having a double portion. It put me in a serious food coma, so much so I made sure to come back for more. Not only their steak but their chimichurri was the best I sampled anywhere.

    I definitely understand why they wash it down with mate!

    Let me also add I’m a huge fan of your blog – I’ve been reading it for months but this is the first time I’ve commented :-) Keep up the awesome work!


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