Southern Thai Food Halal Feast in Krabi

Southern Thailand Halal Feast in Krabi

Location: Abdullah Restaurant, Krabi Town main street

Cost: 500 THD (15.53 USD) for a buffet feast for 4 people, proved to be waaaay more food than we needed, but of course we finished it!

halal feast thailand Southern Thai Food Halal Feast in Krabi

halal feast krabi Southern Thai Food Halal Feast in Krabi

thai curry krabi Southern Thai Food Halal Feast in Krabi

To my oblivion, the waitress brought platter after platter of food, to the point where I was positively wondering if the stream would ever stop.

Gang som plah (sweet and sour fish curry), gang tay po (fish and morning glory curry), pad prik blah mook (stir fried squid with chili spices), gang ped neu-ah (pepper curry with beef), kao mok gai (Thai chicken biryani), and the dish that killed them all, soup hahng wooah (boiled ox tail soup).

The combination of curry to liquid soup to stir fry along with the brilliant usage of coconut milk in the Southern Thai cooking was truly sensational.

The ox tail soup was an intricate blend of beef juice stocked full of green onions, tomatoes, shredded cilantro, and melt in your mouth cubes of beef.

The aftermath of Abdullah left me satisfied, jubilant, longing for more, and a few waist sizes larger…permanently.

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  1. says

    I remember this meal well. Krabi is safe haven of the world when you are a fugitive in need of ultimate food satisfaction.

    awesome shots of that haang wua… again. instant hunger pangs haha

    way to go man, great post!


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